Photo of the Day: November 22nd

Out TODAY on this website… ‘Limitations – Part 1’ introduces two new characters into our main story, and as you will see, both LOVE to fight.

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  • Rob Hinx says:

    Hugely impressed by the debut of these two; thier fight is a great back and forth battle and I’m irtuguied to see where this, and the on-going story, goes to.

  • Deckard says:

    Loved this video, the best for quite some time. It has everythj g i love most about a Fem/Fem Fight, a prolongued – more than the usual standards for NGC – facepunching fistfight between two lovely and athletic actresses.
    My only quibble would be that – sadly for me – it still has wrestling moves, which i find boring and uneventful, but this time they are kept to a minimum, thankfully. And like all good things, it’s too short, or feels too short because i was enjoying watching it so much.
    Other than this quibble, i loved, loved, loved it. I loved that the villain took the most punching, and i wish she had taken an even longer beating, as the actress was fantastic selling taking the hits.The hero was as good delivering as well as selling the hits,
    I hipw this two face off each other again, and that Captain Liberty has payback in mind and gives to Carmen Black an worse beating.
    Thanks, NGC. You did a great video here. I hope more like this, non-stop fist facepunching fights, get made more and more.

  • AndrewAdmin says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I should say we’ll continue to use holds and stretches in a video though so please don’t expect any changes there.

  • Orin says:

    Picture looks a bit like Mortal Kombat
    Here would be Heroine Kombat…

  • Deckard says:

    Dear Sir AndrewAdmin, I suppose that holds and stretches are your bread and butter and that’s fair enough. I loved, loved how prolongued the facepunching fist fight was and i hope to see more of that, in compliment to your traditional holds and stretches.
    I can’t wait to see more of this two lovelies, this two are awesome. You hit the jackpot with them. I can see them as perenial enemies, constanty at each others.

  • Deckard says:

    Orin yes, the pic evokes MK indeed. Good observation. If they were playing MK characters, who would they be?

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