2023 and Beyond

I like to occasionally post something for the die-hards on here who are interested in all the backstage stuff beyond the releases purely (and I very much like the people who only show interest in releases as well). We’re now in the swing of our autumn filming, and will shoot for another 2 months before packing it in for the too dark and too cold part of the year.

I want to thank everyone who commented so positively about ‘Multiverse Mutations’ and other recent releases. Back in March I think it was, I posted on here about changes we were making to our video releases as they were in the planning. The plans were broadly met with positive responses, and you are now beginning to see the fruits of this new way of doing things. Almost every release from now on will have been shot after I posted that message, and I don’t regret the changes we have made one bit. We will still occasionally drop a video that we know won’t be as successful as others, just because we wanted to make it. We will still occasionally drop a video that just doesn’t work as well as it could have, likely due to circumstance. By and large though, we are committed to shooting in this way from now on and we value your support. I can’t guarantee your favourite heroine/actress will be with us forever (I actually can guarantee they won’t be), but through the bumps in the road we will do everything we can to bring you the best performers we can get our hands on, and try to do them justice in the video we make with them. After that, the market decides.

Thank you for your on-going support.


  • I want to commend whoever’s been writing those scripts. Whether the films are my cup of tea, NGC’s stories are always fresh and creative! Keep it up! 🙂

  • You may or may not be able to answer this but I just wanted to throw it out there and ask. How often will we see those total “squash” videos because those are my favorite and I feel those videos give the heroine the best opportunity to show their acting and peril side.

    • It’s difficult right now to say frequency. They’re likely to have their own series, like ‘Transform’ or ‘Villain Network’. Although that’s not to say solo missions and story videos won’t be one-sided from time to time. It is more a case that if it is designated as a ‘squash’, you know for sure it is.

  • I’m happy to hear the changes seem to be working out 🙂
    Since joining, I’ve not missed a release. And I’ve almost completed the back-catalogue too (just 6 more Championship videos, and I’ll have everything! 🙂 )
    You just happen to make exactly the kinds of content I want to see. It’s amazing you’ve been going for so long, and kept the standard so consistently high.

    There are so many heroines that I could call my favourite, and you keep on finding such great new talent, my favourites list keeps on growing. I’m still hoping some more of those recent AC newbies will be due a return trip.

    Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep buying 🙂

  • NGC has been and still is the best at superheroine peril ! The actresses, stories, fights, film quality,…are all top notch ! It’s amazing that NGC releases so many great films in a year ! You also take the time to interact with us online no matter how good/bad the comments/questions are which a lot of producers do not do. Long live NGC ! 🙂

  • It’s my own personal preference to have a few favourite heroines (and hopefully one overall favourite that is just that good) rather than spread myself out to every heroine, and to see those few heroines in many many videos over time. I want to see a poor heroine absolutely tormented with everything NGC can throw at her and to somehow keep coming back for more.

  • It’s great to hear that changes in direction are working out favorably. I’m not sure I’d have even noticed a deliberate shift if we hadn’t been told (maybe it’ll be clearer going forward). I have noticed that we’re seeing more videos that end with heroines utterly defeated, often taken prisoner or enslaved, rather than just defeated and humbled. I still like the “public humiliation” endings like The Audition and Tying Up a Deal, but I understand wanting to make the consequences more ruinous.
    The post announcing changes suggested that Action Cosplay might become less frequent, but that hasn’t seemed to be the case yet and the Authoritarian’s campaign to destroy all Federation heroines has just the kind of devastating endings that I’d like to continue. I’m very pleased to see new heroines appearing there also and hope we can see them again, although that may be the place where AC pulls back. Still, seeing new heroines show up there makes it fun.
    I also love seeing elements cross over, like the civilian disguises in Gain of Function, Captain Liberty’s Danger Room and Disaster Class. Transform videos are always welcome IMO, even within a different series. VTV remains terrific, lots of opportunities to do creative things. The ongoing story is approaching a pivotal point and I’m anxious to see where it goes.

  • Hope the market is treating you kindly because your product has always been top notch and mega polished!

    Trying out other producers lately seems like going back to the stone age of filming, yet I remember that even in Season 1 videos your quality already showed in spades with the costumes, the settings, the actresses and actors, dialogues but in particular filming and sound design!! You spoiled us!

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