2ND Chance: Celestia & Miss Freedom

Here is your second and final chance to get hold of ‘Hypnosis’ starring Celestia & Miss Freedom as they are brought under control by a card wielding villain, who uses Miss Freedom’s weakness to mind control against her and have her attack Celestia before imprisoning them both in a force field. Can our heroines overcome his magic? AVAILABLE IN FRIDAY’S MEMBER EMAIL!


  • Easily one of my all time favourites. Not only do we have Miss Freedom (and her lovely weakness to mind control) and Celestia battle – but it’s got the Announcer, pre-Announcer role! Someone give that man a medal or something, please.

  • This looks awesome. But then any video with both Celestia AND Miss Freedom in it has to be awesome. Those two make a great pair.
    Plus, as C13 said, the guy who plays the Announcer is always entertaining

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