3 New Photo Sets! Out NOW!

Just in case you’ve not had a chance to open your emails yet… we just sent out 3 new photo sets: Captain Liberty (in Infinity Girl costume) v The Iron Drone, Celestia (in Virtue costume) v Snare, and Marvelette v Dr Progress. We also added a heritage set from Carmen Black the Third which includes a modelling video. It’s all rather splendid, so please check out the email.


  • Just like the previous batch of photo sets, these were ALL amazing!!!
    I just LOVE the way the action unfolds in the sets. They really tell a story. Beautifully posed.
    The Carmen Black set was lovely too (I got her video a few days ago in preparation) and the modelling video was a nice bonus.
    I’m definitely up for this to be a regular thing

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @guido84 – Thanks a lot, hopefully it will become a regular thing. Or more regular than this one to the last one anyway.

  • The Captain Infinity one was unreal. Awesome. Hope she gets a chloro scene in that costume in a video ASAP! Everything about that set was perfect.

  • Great photo sets, the Marvelette one in particular is UNBELIEVABLE. Amazing close-ups, poses, action shots, everything!

    Any idea when she’ll be available for shooting/filming again?

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