4 Special Photo Sets Next Week!

Next Tuesday we have some more special photo sets for you. We’ve got Wonderstrike in a Supergirl costume, Aurora in the Miss Freedom catsuit, a lovely Celestia posed set, and our step back in time is from Miss Freedom’s Secret Defeat. See you next week!


  • Another four great looking sets. Secret Defeat is one of my early faves, so looking forward to that one, and Wonderstrike and Celestia are always a pleasure.
    Not seen Aurora before, but she looks great in the MF catsuit

  • I think Wonderstrike will be the ninth actress in the NGC constellation to sport the Supergirl costume in either a video or photoset, and there’s a decent chance she’ll be my favorite. That’s saying something, because several actresses have rocked that outfit (and I’m not a huge fan of the SG costume).

      • I realized I forgot one (Lady V wore it for a bit during “Image Rights”), so WS is the 10th. I also left out Kandy Crisis entirely, so there’s two more (Vixen & Diva). Let’s just say many girls have been Super.

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