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Deceptress v Alaric

Season 4 / Non-Canon 10

This Pure Battle sees the Deceptress and
Alaric collide for the very first time. With few
heroines left to conquer, Alaric relishes the
fight, but is his confidence misplaced? Or will
Erica be the one who gets flattened?

Bid for Capture

Season 4 / Story 14

Starshot is in trouble, trying to save herself
against both Sister Fate and a Mayor controlled
Iron Drone. Out of nowhere Celestia appears,
but is it the Celestia that we all remember? And
if not, what is her plan?

Heroine Auction

Season 4 / Story 13

The Deceptress is now under the full control
of notorious heroine-trader 'Violetta', and now
it is time for the auction. To make a good sale the
buyers will need to see just what Erica can do, so
she is put through her paces for the VTV VIP's!

Image Rights

Season 4 / Villain Network 5

Lady Victory's good nature is used against
her when an unscrupulous business convinces
her to sell her image rights to them. The
resulting 'product' and infomercial cause the
mighty heroine intense shame...

Fake News

Season 4 / Story 12

Miss Freedom continues to battle Dominator
and John Roman but the villains hold the
trump card with a piece of 7D technology
which appears to drain her physically and
mentally, leading to a stunning TV admission!

New Season, New Crisis

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Kandy Crisis #15: More Previews

This Friday at – Eden is in deep trouble with New Dawn as they set up an interrogation-cum-murder. However, when Sienna arrives the babes in black and silver begin to strike back… but will it be enough?

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To go with the amazing ‘Kandy Crisis #15: Extraction’ starring Eden & Sienna this Friday, we’ve also included some unseen takes from Kandy Crisis #4 – The one where AJ jetted in to take on a little more than she bargained for! Almost 2 minutes here for you IF you purchase Kandy Crisis #15 within […]

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Kandy Crisis #15: 1st Previews

‘Kandy Crisis #15: Extraction’ is on its way this FRIDAY at ! Eden is under a spotlight interrogation by two of New Dawn’s most dangerous killers, and it seems her demise is on the agenda. It’s a good thing Sienna arrives to even the odds!  

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Photo Of The Day: February 18th

Trouble ahead for Eden in Kandy Crisis #15 – Extraction. Coming FRIDAY to

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Photo Of The Day: February 17th

The Deceptress is back in a fantastic PURE battle against Alaric, must be seen to be believed!

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