AC: Ally of Convenience – 1st Previews

Out on Friday at – The Federation’s new ‘Mistress of Disguise’ dons a Supremacy costume to take her fight to the NPG. She wants to interrogate #43 over the disappearance of Miracle Maiden that the Federation is still reeling from. #43 decides to fight back. They fight to a stalemate when the battle is joined by the Enforcer, her vendetta against the Federation continues, and it begins to look like a bleak day for our heroine.


  • The new Marvelette girl returns, that’s great news for me. Became an instant fan with her debut.
    I hope she takes quite the beating in this new video, with lots of facepunches.

  • I love that both NGC and Action Cosplay have a copycat kind of character who can turn into anyone…although I really liked her debut as Marvellete and thought she should take on the role permanently…the possibilities this opens are just limitless!!

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