AC: Ally of Convenience – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – ‘Ally of Convenience’ sees a brave new heroine outmatched and crushed by a vicious villainous duo. They may have no love for one another, but they agree on one thing: Federation heroines must be destroyed!


  • For those who he purchased this: how is the KO stuff at the end? Can’t get a real feel from the material offered so far.

  • Wow! Another great video. She really made a strong debut in Imposter, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing her again, and she continues to impress here. She handles the action amazingly, both on the attack, and when suffering the brutal beatdown from the baddies (great performance from those two, also). And she really sells that injured rib.
    She’s certainly one I’ll be keeping my eye on. I predict she’ll become a firm favourite around here.

  • Yeah, this video was exceptional. A second fantastic performance from the new Marvelette (although I prefer that costume to Supreme). Excellent acting and combat skills, but I was especially impressed with how well she performed the heroine’s exhaustion and weakness once she’s worn down and at the villains’ mercy (which is about halfway through the video, plenty of time left.)
    The Enforcer’s rampage against Federation heroines continues and Miracle Maiden’s fate is discussed. I’m hoping we eventually see a new heroine in that role. Meanwhile, the members gift reminds me of how wonderful Miracle Chick is and how much she’s missed as well.

  • The actress that plays the Enforcer must be pretty strong as I don’t remember many actresses in NGC / AC that can do over the shoulder carries like the Enforcer did in this one ! πŸ™‚

    • That’s why i have difficulty suspending my disbelief that any heroine could even be remotly a match to her or offer her any resemblance of a fight, namely the new Marvellete.

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