AC: Anarchy & Chaos – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – ‘Anarchy & Chaos’ sees more perilous disaster for Marvelette AND Supremacy Alpha as they go up against the madness of Chaotica and her Boyf Daniel Anarchy. Using some hypnosis, Dan lures Supremacy Alpha into a trap using Marvelette as bait, and everything is crazy from there!


  • Well this looks to be next level epic. I also like how its a low key sequel to the last Marvelette video. At least it seems to be.

  • There looks to be a lot going on in this one. Appropriately chaotic 😆
    Seems like this immediately follows Toxic Fans

  • I like to think that it’s some kind of running gag that the current Marvelette must be tied to a chair in every release she’s in!

  • Damn I may be tempted to pick this up since Marvelette is just amazing (love the new boots and tha actress physique is insane) but not a fan of hypno or mind control content, seeing her fighting the other heroine or standing idle and brainwashed are not my cup of tea…tough choice really!

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