AC: Beta Villain Bites Back! – OUT NOW

OUT NOW at – ‘Beta Villain Bites Back’ sees an ambitious Supremacy Beta learn her place… strength is no substitute for experience, and Chaotica is about to teach the young upstart that brutal lesson!

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  • “Angel on the Shoulder” was among my favourites from last year, so I was really looking forward to this one, with the same cast, but different characters.
    Wow! It was amazing too.
    The mood was lighter this time around, with the girls having room for some great comedy moments, which they play brilliantly. What it does share with the previous video was the incredible action. Both actresses gave amazing performances. They’re a joy to watch.

    Incredible photo-set too. Lovely posed sots, and fun action. (Chaotica’s “behind you!” distraction worked twice in one week 😆 )

  • I thought both actresses did a good job in this one. I was surprised that Supremacy Beta could pull off the over-the-shoulder carry 🙂

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