AC: Daring Vengeance – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – A new Supremacy sets out to end the reign of the vicious Authoritarian. This beastly villain has already humbled and captured both Power-Woman and Astral Amazon and must be stopped at all costs… but is she the heroine to do it? She’s certainly confident. Catch ‘Daring Vengeance’ this Friday!


  • So happy the Authoritarian plotline is continuing. They were some of my favourites from last year, with his brand of bring over-confident heroines down to Earth. And this one looks just as good.

    The new girl looks amazing in all those shots!

  • Charlie Zeng says:

    By the look of this, this new Supremacy has the very potential of becoming my all-time favourite amongst all heroines, surpassing even the likes of Power-Woman. Her wicked sense of confidence gets even further than that of Power-Woman’s. Gotta always love that trait demonstrated by heroines!

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Huh! I’m actually liking what I’m seeing so far in these previews and I wasn’t expecting that. I proceed with cautious optimism

  • She is looking good here and seems to be nailing the facial expressions in every situation! Gotta wait to see the vocal performance and action scenes now!

    Hope she does well and graduates into the Erica Lynn/Deceptress catsuit or gets her own costume!

    • She wouldn’t take over the Deceptress character, we’d create a new heroine. She’s a really good actress, I think people will enjoy this one.

      • Just from the photos I can see her talent. Very expressive, exuding confidence followed by confusion and fear. And she looks tremendous in the Supremacy costume. Definitely looking forward to Friday’s purchase of this one!

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