AC: Double Jeopardy – Final Previews

Out TOMORROW at – ‘Double Jeopardy’ stars a new Supremacy Alpha as she battles the evil Damian for information to save the city. He’s planted 3 bombs and the clock is ticking. The young heroine thinks it will be easy to make him talk, and it might be, if he hadn’t prepared a few nasty surprises along the way!


  • Love the actress so far but the content seems a bit…plain. Suppose you need to start light when beginning with a new actress though, so it’s understandable.

  • Hello, i love so much this new actress ! Is it possible to see him under hypnosis/mind control on an épisode ? Thank you

  • If im honest I expected a bit more from the content maybe a bit mild still liked it tho! I did put some hype around it before the release which definitely affected the expectations. Love the actress and hope she’s to stay for future roles whether its Supremacy ( personal favorite ) or any other. All the best to you all and keep up the awesome work!

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