AC: End of a Miracle – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – Miracle Maiden stars in this catastrophic encounter as she is taken apart by Falcone and the Heroine Crusher, with a little help from a Masculum chain, her one true weakness. Is it the end for the Federation’s Finest?


  • Devastating! A real turning point in Action Cosplay. A few plot threads culminate together in this one… I can’t say any more. Let’s just say the outlook is pretty dark for the heroines of AC. Where does the story go from here?!?
    Great performances all around, but that’s a given with these actors.
    Members gift is loads of fun, especially for fans of Spectrum and/or Wonderstrike.

  • Excellent! My high expectations were definitely met.
    After that ending, I’m not sure where things will go next, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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