AC: Raising the Bar Part 1 – First Previews

Out on Friday at … Marvelette goes to interrupt a high-level mob meeting that she knows is being held without her benefactor present. To take in heads of rival families would only strengthen his hand nationwide. Unfortunately, she has been ensnared by Nemesis who has learned of her attachment to Falcone, and appears to want to exploit it. Foolishly, Marvelette engages with him physically…


  • That actress seems to have been working out during her time away from the NGC Realm…..I like it!
    …and a “Supremem” appearance!
    Love it!
    A definate buy for me……thank you NGC. 🙂

  • As much as I like when you have an actress try a new suit, it´s a shame we don´t have her as Marvellette the whole video, specially being squashed by Nemesis! (personal taste don´t get mad , she just rocks that suit!) Although I´m intrigued about an eventual part 2!

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