AC: Seeing Double – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY as – Metro-Girl is still on the run after being framed by Falcone and Cusack, but she’s determined to fight the good fight. ‘Borrowing’ the dress of a Supremacy operative she investigates what she thinks is an old safehouse of the New Power Generation for clues to take them down and clear her name. Unfortunately for her, at the same time the Federation have sent a Supremacy Beta to do the same. When the downtrodden Beta finds Metro-Girl there initially she thinks it is a mix-up and wants to call it in. Metro-Girl can’t allow that. Cover blown, the two heroines fight, only to be interrupted by #1 himself! Great peril ensues as the leader of the lunatic fringe runs riot on the two blondes.


    • Yes, I’ll admit that we did a photoshoot with her in that costume and thought she looked really great, we had to find a reason to have her make a film in it, we have!

      • I constantly say “I don’t care much for the Supergirl costume” but these two look so terrific in the suits that I feel like a liar. Wonderstrike has demonstrated that she can wear anything brilliantly and Patriot-Girl is really great for this look. I absolutely love the “mirror image” thing in the second cap here.

        • I like the Supergirl costume only if we get upskirt goodies from time to time ^^ (and a good blue fabric can still make it sexier)

          Still, probably my least favourite costume of the classic heroines of SHIP (together with Wonder Woman and Batgirl). Power Girl outfit they used with Miss Freedom actress was a total upgrade in every sense I think!

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