AC: Special Delivery – 1st Previews

Out FRIDAY at – The villains club together to finally bring about the total defeat of Supremacy Alpha. Feline Fury is sent a very important item to finish the job, but is interrupted by the heroine before she can open it. Supremacy is well in control and loving every moment UNTIL she opens the box herself. After that, she is completely destroyed.


  • Yay!!! I’ve been hoping for the return of Feline Fury for a while!
    And she’s up against one of my very favourite actresses!
    I already know this is going to be a winner 😀

    • The actress that play Feline Fury is always a pleasure to watch. She really has fun with this villain roles and her fun is infectious.
      I just wishe she would win more fights and dished out one-sided beatings on the heroines she fights against. I love whe she beats an heroine to a pulp.
      Villainesses should always be victorious in fights and dominate the fight from begining to end, turning heroines into their personal punching bags, featuring lots and lots and lots and lots of facepunches dished out on the heroines. That is for me an ideal F/F video.

      • I prefer a variety. I’d quickly get bored if every fight was a one-sided beat-down.
        I enjoy them every now and then, but personally I find fights with a lot more give-and-take to be much more fun. I love seeing the heroines get a chance to be awesome too.

        But hey, we all like what we like 🙂

        • Even handed fights are the norm, they far out-number one-sided beatdowns in number, and that’s for me the boring thing. I prefer assymetric fights, where one fighter dominates the fight from the begining, or one-sided beatdowns.
          If the beatdown is delivered on the right girl then it never gets boring for me. I could watch 10 one-sided beatings on the first Marvallete girl in a row and i would never get bored once. That type of fights are actually the minority in that even most one-sided beatings are of the wrestling variety, and i find wrestling to be more boring than death itself.

          • I haven’t counted to be certain of your ratio, but we don’t really have plans to change much on that score. We will always do one-sided stuff, but we like more even stuff as well, so that the heroines aren’t basically normal girls doing cosplay and getting shellacked by legit villains.

  • Man, that last photo is very provocative!!
    Will there be lots of facepunches on Supremacy Alpha in this video? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • “…the total defeat of supremacy alpha…”

    Something very final about that phrase.
    I certainly hope this isn’t the last we see of this actress.
    I do look forward to this video. I do enjoy seeing her, whatever she does, but mostly as Supremacy Alpha.

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