AC: The Audition – 1st Previews

Out this FRIDAY at – ‘The Audition’ sees Chaotica pounce on the Federation’s apparent weakness at the loss of Power Woman and Supremacy Alpha. With the normal ‘sidekick’ heroines being called on to do the big girl roles, it’s the perfect opportunity for chaos! Can Miracle Chick step up and stop Chaotica’s revolution?


  • The new Miracle Chick just looks better and better the more the previews roll in! Friday can’t come soon enough!! Good thing there will be more previews rolling in to tide the MC fans over.

    Question (hopefully you are in a position to answer, if not it’s understood): will the new MC actress take after her predecessor and also double as Comet Girl?

    • No, we’ve never directly replaced a characters actress. It might appear to make life easier, but would really mess up the character pages on this site. I quite like creating new characters anyway. The only drawback is when we give a new actress a role, and then they hardly do any shoots with us.

      • Thanks for the speedy answer!

        Makes sense, Really hope that’s not the case with the new Miracle Chick. Only the first set of previews and can’t get enough of her already!!

  • Random thought, you don’t really see heroes with sidekicks anymore, do you (showing my age slightly with that one, ha)?

    Random but connected thought, imagine Patriot Girl forced to have a sidekick tag along?

    Anyway, random thoughts aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.

    • That’s true! We see team-ups with some regularity here, but they tend to interact as equals, or at least no one sees themselves as the “sidekick” of another. Miracle Chick and Miracle Maiden have never appeared together (MC has had few appearances at all so far).
      There have been a few duos in NGC I wanted to become a regular thing, although I’m sure it’s difficult when you have to deal with actors’ schedules. The one that would’ve fit best into the “heroine-sidekick” mold, I think, was Celestia & Comet Girl. They teamed up once, when both were working briefly for the Liberty Alliance back in Season 3, and I thought they were a fun duo and played well off each other. Also, Celestia’s relative experience and mature demeanor definitely established her as the “senior” partner, while CG’s enthusiasm and attitude fit the traditional sidekick role. Ironically, those two would become Miracle Maiden and Miracle Chick in Action Cosplay.
      By the way, that video, “Get the Staff”, is spectacular. If you’re a fan of either actress, or want to be, you need it.

  • oh yeahhh a new heroine, Another one to be mind controlled xD
    No i joke I’m enjoy to discover this new heroine

  • I was in doubt if I should buy this. But now I see the villain in the rainboots. So must buy! Oh and I love this Sin actress and her actioncosplay equivalent. Don’t underestimate a good female villain. Too much love for the heroines 😉

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