AC: The Audition – Final Previews

Out TOMORROW at! – Miracle Chick is put to the test as the world’s press awaits the outcome. She’s been called in to put down Chaotica’s popular uprising as the Federation scramble to paper over the cracks in their heroine program. Chaotica might be crazy, but she’s no fool. Everything has been cleverly orchestrated, and her acquisition of ‘The Heroine Crusher’ is going to be a test Miracle Chick cannot pass? Or can she? Find out TOMORROW!


  • Robert Slayton says:

    One little thing you can do: for previews you post multiple pictures. Right now after viewing each one we have to go back to the master page. Would it be possible to have a leader/arrow so we could move through all of them without having to go back each time?

    Just a little thing. Thanks.

    • I think this is because it is a gallery within a post, unlike a release page for a video where it does as you suggest. I’ll look at settings but I’m not sure I can fix it.

  • All the videos shot at this location so far have been top-tier, so I’m expecting good things 😀
    The previews are definitely pointing that way too 🙂

    • I know!!! The stakes in this room are always so perilous. When Alias realized the thug she had to fight was a real opponent not just some random guy, when Captain Liberty realized her power was drained by the Anvil, when Lady X realized Lord Nemesis could effortlessly take her costume piece by piece… damn

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