AC: Toxic Fans – 1st Previews

Out on Friday at – ‘Toxic Fans’ sees Marvelette goaded into confronting a toxic detractor on social media. Unfortunately, rather than giving this fake fan a personal dressing down, it turns out to be a trap! This toxic fan goes by the name of ‘Chaotica’ – and she wants nothing more than to destroy Marvelette’s public image!


  • I’m always a fan of Marvelette, but Chaotica looks very good, too. So I hope we’ll see much more from her in the future. Waiting for Friday πŸ™‚

  • I hope Marvelette suffers a brutal beating, the worse the better, with lots of facepunches. The new actress is phenomenal.

  • So far, liking what I see in “Chaotica”.
    As John Roman might say, “…this will be interesting…” πŸ˜‰

  • Love the boots this costume has now…I just hope we donΒ΄t get too much chloro or injection moments…IΒ΄m having flashbacks as to how her last awesome fight was suddenly cut short by a tranquilizer injection ans she ended up in chains too!

  • Tim Caine says:

    This looks great as far as our lovely heroine taking a beat down. Love that.
    Chaotica could be a great villain. Not sure about the costume for Chaotica. Marvelette is a lovely punching bag and her costume is perfect. Chaotica kind of looks like we caught her on laundry day. Like her real costume was in the wash and she just threw on the only remaining clothes she had.

    Anyway, this version of Marvelette is my favorite and she looks like she takes a lopsided pummeling in this one, so it’s a definite buy for me. Imposter sells peril really well and looks her best in the Marvelette costume. Keep the one-sided beat-downs of her coming.

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