AC: Unlocking The Doors – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – Chaotica’s plan to free all villains in the city is going to plan, until Silver Bullet shows up that is! Chaotica is the mistress of Chaos and Confusion for a reason however, and employing a powerful defence mechanism around her computer will make Silver Bullet’s job near impossible! Catch all the action NOW at!


  • Already loving the new actress 🙂
    She handles all the action fantastically. And I instantly loved her line delivery and range facial expressions throughout (I got a slight vibe of Starshot in some parts of her performance)
    From what I’ve seen here, I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing more of her 🙂
    And the accompanying photo-set really shows her off too.

    Chaotica is as fun to watch as ever, and delivers another excellent performance (I loved her skipping 😆 ) There were a few nice little twists in the action, and I loved both endings.

  • Overall Silver Bullet made a good first vid. She’s good at acting and fighting. Liked how Chaotica used the force field as a weapon. The Alt ending was funny too (not for Silver Bullet). The chains in the vid sealed the deal ! 🙂

  • Ginaaaaaaa says:

    Thank you very much to the producers and actors of this video, my brother bought the video a few hours ago and I watched it and it was enjoyable and interesting, and it is also clear that the website is being completely updated and in a new direction. It is a very good progress.

    GooD lucK


  • Ginaaaaaaa says:

    Dear website administrator, if you are reading this post of mine, please pay attention to the suggestions or requests and questions in the comments section of the two new news posts on the website, I mean the latest previews of this video and read them too, I hope Check it out and even if you use them on the website how great it would be.


  • Silver Bullet is super likeable, hoping this one sells and we get more of her. Fantastic decision pairing her with Chaotica – as she has truly become one of the best villains in the roster and gave our new heroine lots to work with, personality-wise!

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      I agree with this. The actress playing Silver Bullet looks confident in the costume and with the dialogue, and seems comfortable with the spirit of the genre, which makes the character relatable and the video fun. The Action Cosplay series has a lot of great villains, but Chaotica is really special and hopefully draws enough attention that folks get a chance to see the new heroine. Very nice.

  • So I’ve been a little lax in getting the vids/photosets this past week. Finally got enough space on the ol’ ‘puter, so I did a giant (for me, anyway) purchase and caught myself back up. Did Solaris, this week’s photosets AND Silver Bullet. Lots to watch.
    I have to be honest and say I didn’t have the highest hopes for this video, but I was pleasantly surprised by how things went.
    The Silver Bullet actress is quite personable and I really enjoyed her interpretation of the character (I would think if this actress ever has political aspirations, she’d do well in that arena, too).
    Overall, I really liked this video.
    The fight sequences were well thought out, the dialogue kept things rolling along, and I really enjoyed the “balance” of the two women’s abilities. You could almost liken it to one being faster, but the other quicker (although not a direct comparison, but in that sense).
    If the sales are there to allow us to see more of this actress, I don’t think that would be a bad thing.
    Of course, cudo’s to the Chaotica actress, as well. She’s always such a great foil for our heroines to play against.
    Beautiful job and a round of applause to all those involved with this endeavour.
    Thanks NGC. That was definately a winner.

  • I got this late in the weekend. It is alwaus fun to see this actress return to play the nefarious Chaotica. Her evil scheme this episod was rather clever: the release of a virus to erase all federation criminal records, so that all the criminals would be set free. As usual, I enjoyed some of the touches the actress gave to enhance dialogue preliminary to the battle: “Too bad you didn’t keep paper records;” and “Why should you worry? Haven’t they been rehabilitated?” As another post has already noted, the happy little skip, when she thought she had completely vanquished the heroine, was another nice little touch.
    One question though: what is this Federation, that apparently keeps its own records of its own arrests and incarcerates its own prisoners? That sounds disquietingly similar to Mayor Killscape’s organization in the NGC story.

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