Action Cosplay & Kandy Crisis FLASH SALE!!!

Right now at AND we have a FLASH SALE running on 41 videos at AC and ALL videos at KC! The biggest discounts we’ve ever offered as well. Hit the links, go to the video pages, and anything marked ON SALE is close to 50% off!


  • Sweet! There’s only 4 AC videos I don’t have yet, so this is a good opportunity to complete my collection.
    There looks to be a few KC videos I still need too 🙂

  • Got the final Metro Girl video I was missing, and damn she looked good in that blue suit!

    Since we are celebrating Action Cosplay, have you thought of introducing a fully masked heroine there? Could add the peril element of unmasking and she protectong her mask while bad guys pull from it, even if her identity wasn’t a secret to us the viewers. I think the only time you dipped your toes into that was with the first ShadowFox videos

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