Addressing Heroine Departures

There has been a lot of interest or speculation for a long time, but particularly strongly in the past few days, about what has happened to this or that character/actress. I’ve decided to address it here rather than bury a long comment in a different post.

Generally, I wouldn’t consider replacing a character’s actress. The new Majesty is a successor to the old one, we’re not pretending the previous one didn’t exist. Also, the young lady in our July 1st photo of the day is not the new Virtue, she’s just wearing the costume.

I’ve said it before but will repeat that we’ve been very lucky to hold on to a lot of the people we have. Our heroine actresses are generally early 20’s to early 30’s, and women of that age can have wildly different circumstances from one year to the next; pregnancies, new relationships, moving overseas, etc.. so it doesn’t surprise me that we have a churn in cast, exacerbated by a pandemic.

There are other reasons why we stop working with people also. These reasons might be that however much you might like them, they don’t sell. But mostly because of a lack of enthusiasm or professionalism. If I’ve booked two shoots with an actress and they text me at the start of each of those days to say they aren’t coming because they have a hangover, then it’s over. If an actress, for whatever reason, no longer responds to emails about future shoots, then it’s over. If an actress on set refuses to do photos because they are ‘tired’, and are going on their phone between takes rather than listening to direction, then it’s over.

You might like their videos, and how they look in their costume, and how they seem in the video too. They might even still be thoroughly nice people despite the flakiness and self-absorption. I can’t work with that however. I need people in the room who will be focused for the whole time they are there, will turn up when asked to, and will know their lines. I’m sorry if your favourite has moved on, there were almost certainly good reasons for that, positive or negative.


  • Its all good, at least i got to see my favorites in at least 1 video its good for me. It sucks Covid-19 made some not want to return and others left and then moved on but its ok. Cant wait for the future of this website and future heroines to come

  • For me personally, it’s the Celestia and Comet Girl show.So I hope those two ladies stay.😍😍😁

  • I completely agree with your take on the subject. If you can’t enjoy something, what’s the purpose of doing it(?)

  • Perfectly understandable. You guys have been going for over a decade. That’s longer than most TV series! There’s bound to be cast changes. The fact that there are some actors here from way back in season 1 is testament to you guys.
    We all have our favourites, but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed ALL the heroines I’ve seen here.
    Sure, it would be awesome to see a new video with Athena or Infinity Girl… but honestly, at the moment I’m much more excited about seeing that new girl in the Virtue outfit in action (from the tag, I’m guessing her name is Alias… which would sure fit with why she’s wearing another heroine’s costume). All I’ve seen is one picture, and I’m already in love.
    Besides, the heroines are just one aspect of why I keep coming back to NGC videos.
    I have faith in you guys.

  • As you said we are indeed lucky that many of them stuck for a long time, even since season 1!! I imagine those are above and beyond professional and commited, specially for a genre as niche as this!
    Hope you can keep working with everyone you enjoy working with, and just my two cents, I wouldn’t get mad if a heroine was replaced by another actress without explaination or the plot adressing it. It’s the risk of using non generic heroines and building your own wolrd but honestly you have done a superb job so far!

  • Hmm… a heroine going on her phone between takes… Surely that would make a great basis for a funny “Villain Network” video πŸ˜‰

  • I guess it is like following a favorite sports team: at some point, some of the stars on the team move on but are replaced with newer stars. As long as NGC keeps creating great new videos, I’ll keep buying !!!

  • Virtue, Comet Girl, Celestia, Equilibrium!
    I hope they can always participate in the show. Thank you! NGC team!

  • Completely understandable. It’s a shame that many actresses (and consequently their characters) have left the franchise. It’s true that I have my longtime favorites, and I’d probably be sad about something like this happening to them too, but I’m always willing to like newcomers. The last 4 to join the cast, for example, look very promising. Captain Liberty, Carmen Black IV, the mysterious girl dressed as Virtue and above all, the princess, direct heir to the Majesty’s mantle and now queen! New heroines are always exciting in NGC πŸ˜€

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      I appreciate everyone’s reaction to this. I’ve got high hopes for the new intake, and I’ll always be confident about anyone I cast. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but that’s just life.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Mario – She lives in Australia. She normally comes back every year or so and we film quite a lot then, but this has been impossible during the pandemic.

  • I have 2 ideas, if you like to do any of them:
    1) how about making 1 post with list of a) heroines ‘active’ in action b) heroine ocassionally in action. It could be a nice view on whats is going on, and avoid many questions like “is Majesty active? …. is Spectrum active …. Is…. ”
    2) did you ever think about killing some of heroines? I mean there were few kills in episodes, but in last times I havnt noticed any… Maybe you could create some “ending videos”, and relise tchem when actress are gone? It could be interesting to have some variation, not only “heroine missed”. Or “just gone”, “never showed again” etc.
    They are villains after all, they could kill someone from time to time ;D

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Orin – It really only matters if someone wants a custom. No one else needs to know if a heroine is active or not, you’ll know based on releases. We’ve killed some before as you say. It needs to be quite rare to be effective in my view and it is only applicable when an actress tells me ahead of time that they will be stopping but will give me 2 or 3 more shoot days to tie up their story. That isn’t usually what happens.

  • This post seems more directed towards talent than for the fans, but either way I don’t disagree with you.

  • Thanks for the update. I completely understand. (Being tired seems like a poor excuse. That wouldn’t fly at my job, either.) Thanks for continuing to offer quality product.
    There are a few Spectrum videos I’d like to get. Hope she comes back, if not, I’ll pick a new favorite from NGC. Sadly, the pandemic hit the small businesses the hardest.

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