Alias v Dominator – 86 Photos: Members Only

To accompany Friday’s big release at of ‘Alias v The Dominator’, members who open their email will also get access to an 86 photo set of posed and action shots of Alias in the Miss Freedom costume taking on Dominator. The general public won’t have this set available to them for years, so if it sounds like something you want, make sure to sign up for Membership on this site (it’s FREE) before Friday, and if you’re already a Member, open the email when it comes!



  • I don’t know whether this will be controversial or not – I think it’s time Alias got a costume of her own! It’s great seeing her in other people’s suits as she borrows their powers – but I think a character this great and an actress who has stuck around this long deserves her own identity – for those moments between powers – or when her powers are nullified and she’s on her own? Is it just me?

    • I’ve thought the same. It would be nice for her to have something that was all her own.
      But she’s rocked every costume she’s worn, so if she doesn’t, I can live with that too 🙂

      • I third this! Alias is so great and I’m sure would rock her own costume as well as she has everyone else’s <3 perhaps it could even include subtle hints of all the outfits she's previously worn. And perhaps they've been building to this all along…

        • Only trouble is, she has zero powers when not in a form, so she can dress like a heroine, but would effectively just be a cosplayer and get crushed!

          • Kostmeyer says:

            Catherine Marks had no powers – she got a suit! (Also, Alias gets crushed when she DOES have powers!)

          • Although in the opening scene of ‘Secret Destroyer’ she still displays quite a bit of combat skill while fighting in civilian clothes. True, she wasn’t winning, but she wasn’t really getting fully crushed either. She managed to hold the drone off long enough to change into a Lady Victory suit.

            But like I said a few posts above, I’m happy either way. She looks amazing in everything she’s worn. Every Alias video has been a winner (and today is Alias day :D)

    • Although I would like the return of a Catherine Marks style “spy” heroine with no powers, we could also see Alias in sexy civilian clothing when she gets depowered. I think it’s not something we see a lot in the NGC videos. And i’m also hoping she still gives more costumes a comeback so I don’t wanna limit that number with a proper costume lf her own (for now) ^^

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