Alpha Designation – Part 2: OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – ‘Alpha Designation – Part 2’ sees two Supremacy trainees in peril, with their hopes on the line against villainy they’ve not encountered before. Can the innocent youngsters prevail? Or will the wily villains disgrace them as planned? Find out now!


  • Cool. It took me forever to realize that SG was a new actress. She did a fine job, though she got a bit upstaged by the returning PG (I really loved everything she did in part 2 here, particularly how she was more afraid of the federation finding out she was defeated rather than the villains themselves. It would be a cool story arc to continue with tbh). And Timeless has a couple of really great moments as well, especially the ending!

    In summary, looking forward to seeing more from these characters, but especially the PG heroine!

  • I believe I’ve seen the Supergirl actress in something else, from another producer, a few years ago.
    If that’s who I think it is, it’s nice to see her again. I’ve often wondered whatever happened to her.
    Got the video, got the photo set and did it all in time to get the video extra, too! (been a bit slow-on-the-draw, lately).
    It was all FAN-tastic!
    This was a really good little story. I enjoyed how this all worked out.
    Thank you.
    ….and the ending had a very cool twist to it, too.
    Another stellar NGC video in the can. -b

    …and a question…
    So, I was wandering around my library of NGC photo sets and found the Supergirl actress in one from a couple of months ago that I titled “Patriot Girl” where she was wearing a different outfit.
    I was wondering if that’s a new character that is going to feature that actress in an upcoming video, or was it just an idea that did not pan out ?

  • Very nice episode. I’m enjoying the rollout of new actresses in the Action Cosplay setting. We get a good sense of their skills and looks in familiar costumes/roles before seeing them as original characters later. I was very impressed with the first Supremacy trainee in Part 1 (great actress, strong skills, very sexy) and the second Supremacy is quite good as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what she can do, hopefully as Patriot-Girl. Is there an appearance of “Lady X” on the horizon?

  • Overall the video was good. Would have liked to have seen more of Power Maiden ( not sure what her character name is ) but hopefully she will appear in future videos 🙂

  • clutchking says:

    Stray thoughts:

    – that energy blasts Supremacy eats at the beginning are sweeeeet. Like, she got all of that
    – Timeless is a great villainess. Her teasing the heroine’s faces at the end of the video looked so evil
    – Supremacy’s classmate received a thorough pounding from both baddies. That felt personal!
    – two beautiful heroines chained up back to back… is there a lovelier sight?

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