Amazing Sneak Peek Competition

People are always asking me for early pictures and promos for films we haven’t released yet, so I thought I would give away a FREE photo set…. To loyal customers.

Since we have just released Action Cosplay #5 and there is only the finale left, I thought I would involve the buyers of that series…


If you have purchased ALL 5 ACTION COSPLAY PARTS then just email me with the address you used to purchase and on Thursday evening 25th June I will send you a very special Photo Set containing pictures from future films, some that won’t be seen for several months AND lot’s of photos from the Action Cosplay Finale. Email me at to put your name on the list. If you currently own say 3 or 4 Action Cosplay videos then you have until Thursday to complete your set. You have been warned: CLICK HERE for


I really don’t know what is possessing me to do this but it might be fun…



  • It indeed might be fun and I thank you for the opportunity! It is is very kind of you to include some of your most loyal buyers and incredibly generous of you. I do not have all parts myself but I shall see if I am able to obtain all!! Thank you again for sharing this photo along with something amazing as always!

  • Can I just say that Andrew has once again come up with another superb idea for rewarding good customers – well done NGC!

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