Anarchy & Chaos – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – ‘Anarchy & Chaos’ sees Chaotica joined by her equally unhinged boyfriend Daniel Anarchy to wreak havoc on the Federation heroines. With Marvelette safely captured, the villains hatch a plan to lure Supremacy Alpha into the chaos, with every trick in the book employed! Get it NOW at!


  • An awesome and fun video.
    Two of my very favourite heroine actresses. Two crazy villains, delightfully chewing the scenery. Excellent action and performances from all involved.
    And even time for a little dance 😆
    A whole lot of fun 🙂

  • Another phenomenal team-up after last week’s wonderful video. “Toxic Fans” wasn’t presented as a Part 1, but this one begins where that left off with Marvelette chained and defenseless at Chaotica’s mercy. I would’ve paid to see another video with just those two, but we’re soon introduced to Chaotica’s beau Dan Anarchy (“Danarchy” as he fashions it.) I really hope we see a lot more of this couple, because they’re delightful–a demented Bonnie and Clyde with a lot of the mad energy of the NPG.
    Poor Marvelette is mesmerized into luring Supremacy Alpha to her rescue, but the villains turn their hostage on her liberator, leading to more knockouts and reversals of fortune until nearly every character has fought everyone else. It’s nice to see Supremacy again, but Marvelette is the star here (IMO). She’s absolutely gorgeous, an exceptional fighter, and wonderful at playing the dazed damsel or the desperate struggling victim.
    Perhaps best of all, after Marvelette’s terrific chloroform scene in “Toxic Fans” we get to see her and Supremacy clothed again simultaneously, each struggling in vain against the evil couple until they both succumb and the helpless heroines are cradled by the devious duo as they cackle maniacally. I love chloroform scenes and this is one for the books. You don’t see double chloros like this too often and it’s filmed very well. It cuts between a couple of different angles, but shots linger long enough to see the drama of the heroines’ defeat.
    This is a fantastic video on its own, but paired with “Toxic Fans” I think it’s an all-time classic.

    • Wow, great. Lovely comments, I’m glad people seemed to enjoy this one. It is on the sillier end of our spectrum but there’s always a place for that. Good performances and action I thought too.

  • I don’t even know where to begin. Please take this as exuberant praise and not a backhanded compliment, this video WAY overdelivered. Marvelette and Supremacy Alpha we already know are standouts, but you have now birthed a new, immediate top tier villain duo (or if they choose to go their solo ways, I’d look forward to that too. Chaotica follows up her last stellar performance with an equal to or better showing here. And Daniel, oh precious Daniel. What ENERGY he brings to his performance. Paired together these two are a modern Joker and Harley Quinn (or demented Bonnie and Clyde as Dr Mabuse posited). I would without question put these two right up there with Malicia Divine, and maybe even higher!

    “Nearly…knockout darts. 80 percent strength. I could finish you off whenever I please but my knuckles are itching for some action,” coupled with that kiss and wink was to the moon and back again.

    I don’t want to discount the action here, I really thought this was another fantastically planned and choreographed sequence. The switching back and forth between heroine beatdowns in the latter portion really kept the action fresh. And again, with 4 incredible performers at the top of their games, it was brought to life in wonderful fashion.

    Last but not least, personally for me the cherry on top of this precious Lamb Chop was the hypno/brainwash ending. That’ll always get me. But even before all that, this was an A+++ production. Bravo.

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