Angel on the Shoulder – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Angel on the Shoulder’ tells the story of how easy it can be to take the wrong path in life. Two powerful women, friends in childhood, meet again as Lady X decides to warn Sin off her patch of the city. A friendly warning turns personal very quickly as Sin tries to prove herself the more powerful of the two, can Lady X withstand the dark power of her ex-friend?


  • That 7th picture says it all. She sold that leg stress pose so well in Alpha Designation – Part 1… the way her other kicked helplessly when her body was locked in that pose. She brought such amazing realism to it.

  • Holy moly, Lady X/Supremacy is my new favorite actress! She’s a brilliant actress in terms of dialogue, choreography, athleticism, selling, she checks all of my boxes in the looks department, AND this costume is sexy as hell to boot. I feel like a young boy on Christmas with this release!

    Would also like to mention Lady X’s selling showing “progressive pain and damage” which I think I should attribute to the great direction for this episode. Hope we can see much more Lady X in the future! Maybe in the NGCchampionship too!

  • I’ve been looking forward to both these characters’ debuts and now we get the two together! I’m thrilled to have mind control powers return after Angel’s departure and the different aspects of mind control that Lady X and Sin have is really interesting. This might not be the whole story, but Lady X appears to telepathically influence the thoughts and intentions of others, while Sin seems able to impose feelings or attitudes onto people (as well as some impressive telekinetic abilities.) They’re both trying to get into each other’s head with their shared past as well as their powers.
    I also like where the story is going with these two. Equilibrium and their Guardian Angels are very intriguing–a group of heroines run by a villain whose members appear to have bought into its public façade. Lady X, like Shining Spirit, thinks the Guardians are good guys, while Sin appears to have chosen a life of crime, or at least self-interest, but is more aware of what Equilibrium really is than its members. That could make Sin a morally ambiguous figure, someone who’s opposed to the Main Villains, but not out of altruism or virtue. Meanwhile, Guardian Angels like Lady X may think they’re protecting the public, but are actually part of whatever sinister plan Killscape is hatching.
    All that aside, these two put on a great show. I loved both of these actresses in Action Cosplay and they bring a lot to these new characters in the main story. The fight is well done and Lady X pulls off some truly impressive moves while creating the effect of being controlled by an external force. They also look spectacular in the photo set.

  • Yeah, I really loved this. Both ladies have killed it in their AC appearances, and this is no different. Loved the interplay between the 2 characters, and I’m really intrigued as to how their future interactions will go (loved the emotion of the alternate ending).

  • (sorry I’m late to the party… I was out all yesterday)

    Wow! Incredible video! Instantly up there with my very favourites. Both actresses were beyond amazing. I loved them in their ActionCosplay roles, but they both played it completely differently here, and totally eXceeded my eXpectations. Can’t wait to see more of them.
    As Dr Mabuse mentioned above, the parts where Lady X is being telekinetically controlled are eXtremely impressive. She sells it perfectly with the way she moves.

    The photoset was spectacular too, both the posed shots and the action shots. I loved that Sin got some time in the spotlight for some solo shots too.
    But oh-boy, I’ve been looking forward to a photoset of Lady X ever since I first saw her in THAT costume…. and wowzers!
    (I may have to start on another batch of fanart now)

  • Lady X looks like a mix of Sonica and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) from the X-Men. I thought that both actresses did a good job in this one. In the Behind the scenes one, Malicia was funny when she said ‘Ms Free-dumb !’ 🙂

  • This was an amazing fight! Both ladies were great. Really hoping this is a rivalry that we get to watch bloom for a good, long while!

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