Are You Sure You Don’t Want to be a Bad Girl? – 1st Previews

Out this weekend… ‘Are You Sure You Don’t Want to be a Bad Girl?’ sees the return of Pandora Gold. As expected, she’s up to no good and developing weapons that will nullify super-powers. Elite Force are on to her and send Comet Girl to find out more, but things don’t go to plan!


  • I didn’t dare hope that Pandora Gold was the villainess looking for a new sidekick (although it’s kind of her thing) based on yesterday’s photo, but this is very exciting. And she’s got a fantastic new costume as well! It looks like NGC went on a shopping spree recently, and we’re all the better for it.

  • Damn she really embraced the “Gold” part of her name. And those gloves/gauntlets look fantastic! Not only you have the best heroines but some smoking villainesses too. Making me hope we see them on the NGC championship on the loosing end too!

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