Ask Me Anything – Again

I was just thinking that we hadn’t done an ‘Ask Me Anything’ in a while, and it turns out the last one was 9 months ago! Time is flying, so let’s use this thread as a nice place where you can ask any question you have and I will TRY and answer. If I can’t answer it will be because I either don’t know or cannot give out personal information/betray confidences etc.. FIRE AWAY!


*I used a photo of Athena for this thread just to pre-empt anyone asking if she’s coming back. She isn’t. Sorry.


    • I don’t know what the top 5 is. They would be old titles because in about 2014 the number of new sales in the first month halved. I don’t know why, and I have heard similar things from other producers. Like Thanos killed half the people who like this stuff in one go.

      If we were getting the support for new videos we were getting 10 years ago our stuff would be AMAZING now. Always very sad to think about that.

      I will say that our second ever video, Angel’s first, did very well. Without the success of that video, we wouldn’t be here now.

  • You can cast any “famous” actress past or present in a new episode you are filming.

    Who is it, what’s the character and what happens?

    • Ooh… if we go way back, and in my head because we sadly lost her recently, it would be Raquel Welch. Unbelievably sexy, smart, fun. If I could get a 25 year old clone of her, my goodness.

      Coming closer, and thinking purely commercially, I wouldn’t have minded getting Gal Gadot in for a proper Wonder Woman video NGC style. I’d even not mind having a crack at Captain Marvel with Brie Larson. Apparently very unpopular with comic book fans, and the character massively overpowered by the end of that movie. I’m sure we could do better!

      Hayley Atwell is a personal favourite, Captain Carter, I’d love a crack at that. But you probably want me to think of someone who has never been in a superheroine costume before…

      Jennifer Love Hewitt circa 1999? That would be fun.

  • Any chances for the return of blue bird, or Celestia???

    Have you thought in creating a new terrified villainess??

    Which is your favorite character?

    • Well Celestia was in a new video less than 2 months ago. Bluebird? She lives in Australia, she moved there 9 years ago, she’s come back twice, once in 2017 and again in 2020. Obviously very difficult to do. If she were travelling back here and wanted to then we’d be happy to do more. I wouldn’t keep that quiet either, members would be first to know.

      We’re always devising and working with new villainesses and hopefully working with those we already have.

      My favourite character? Very difficult. Probably Miss Freedom. She was basically the centrepiece of the main 4 seasons, and she’s just a total disaster, and I love that and love working with the actress.

  • Do you think we can see another Deceptress or Lucy Zillion video coming soon?

    I personally enjoy jobber videos so do you think we can see another one coming up?

    • Also, there are some past photo sets that I’ve missed mainly because I wasn’t a member then…um can you “rerelease” those or are they gone forever?

      • Not gone forever, I hope to re-release things one day, but it won’t be soon. I am sorry for people who actually have just found us, because there’s not a lot they can do. However, there are a lot of people who just never sign up despite visiting the site regularly, and I need to incentivise people who open the member emails and support new releases on the first weekend. I want to be very clear to people that if I say something is disappearing you will not see it again for years. If ever. If I get hit by a bus then you’ll never see them again, so while I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, you are taking a risk if you give anything a miss.

    • Deceptress: That was annoying because we had her lined up to come back for shoots in the summer of 2020, and then the pandemic screwed that up. She is another that is Australian and moved back there. She visited us in 2019, which is why we were able to release stuff with her in 2020, but we had plans to film that were ruined. Now? I don’t know, I think she’s pretty busy down there.

      Lucy Zillion: No plans. I last shot with her in about 14/15 I’d think. That’s a long time ago.

      Yes loads. I guess it is subjective but all our videos represent a challenge for the heroines, and at least one a month is a total squash in my view, you may think differently.

    • The idea to even make these videos? Or specifically the idea for NGC?

      If you mean the idea to make specifically NGC… I wanted to do stuff with my own characters. I’ve always liked writing and plotting stories. I was also watching a lot of 24 hour rolling news at that time (2008/9), I don’t now. In those years we had the financial crisis, which caused the next problem, then the next one, and everything was being described as a ‘crisis’ no matter whether it was in fact really awful, or merely just a bit inconvenient. I think this sensationalism has actually got worse since then, but that was the idea for the name. It matched with what I wanted to do, because I planned to make an on-going story where the heroines were in permanent trouble. They might solve one problem, but the next one would be right behind it, and I think we’ve stayed true to that.

    • I sometimes get stick for costume swapping. Personally, as long as it is kept out of the on-going story, I am fine with it. If we got a big custom offer… maybe?

  • In wich episode Powerstar is “getting her power drained by various tubes” ? I got that from a response to a question made waaay back in 2014. BTW,is there any other episode with Powerstar making a cameo such as that? Yes , I like her and i’m a completist.

    • I think that was a comic panel in one of the Danny Ryan comic book issues we did. We never shot that physically, because we’d have needed to build a machine on set and then dismantle it. I’d say as close to absolute zero chance of that happening as anything.

  • How do you approach actresses for such roles? Do you advertise immediately that the role revolves around fetish? How did the girls react to it? From their reactions which girl you would say was more into it and which one needed a bit convincing?

    • I will have to speak in general terms. I’m not going to say this or that person ‘gets it’ while another doesn’t. We advertise in all the places you can get actors in London. As much as anything we get push back on the costumes, but for the most part that is some personal body image concern an actress might have. Occasionally I’ve had people say they’d be happy if a costume was in one style or another, and I then have a choice to go along with that or not use them, pretty clear cut.

      Another thing that does happen, it is rare, but very very annoying… Is that an actress might get some kind of dickhead boyfriend who very clearly grinds their confidence down and makes them either want to leave the project, or make costume requests we basically can’t accommodate. I’d say this has only happened twice, and is not a nice thing at all.

  • There’s many great peril actresses I’d love to see in your style of video. Cali Logan, Mackenzie, Kaya Obey… are there actresses in the game you’d love to work with but haven’t?

    • Of those names I’m only aware of Cali Logan as I saw her stuff over the years. I’ve never really thought about it because they are in the US and thousands of miles away, so it isn’t something that can happen without a lot of effort. If we were based in the US that might be different.

  • Japanese chloro says:

    hey, I’m wondering if you have some chloroform focused one such
    with wonderstrik. You did a great job with chloroform but i believe that you could breakthrough a new chloroform sequence that nobody could come up with.

    I have bought a series of your collections with chloroform since season1.
    Pretty admiring. Please keep blowing our mind.

    Representative from Japan.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed what we’re doing. I think we’ve had Wonderstrike chloroformed a lot! I’m not sure I can re-invent the scene, but we’ll try and make it special!

  • What would you say are the 10 most underrated NGC films?
    The ones that you were really pleased with but which you feel didn’t get the credit they deserved?

    • 10 underrated films? That’s a lot. I can say there are times when I’m disappointed with sales, but I can’t blame anyone for that because I wrote and shot the film, and promoted it, and it turned out people didn’t want it, or the timing was bad. One that springs to mind where I was like “what the hell?” was ‘Miss Freedom: Fail-Safe Sister’, because it was pretty awesome top to bottom and people just didn’t buy it. I’m looking at it now; Miss Freedom looking amazing, fighting KO Queen, great promos and everything. Maybe everyone was skint that week.

      What is more likely to bother me about things getting the credit they deserve, are characters/actresses. Obviously some characters are more popular than others, but there is quite a wide variance in attitude on set, attitude towards the project. Very often, for whatever reason, it might just be pure bad luck, the characters that sell the best are people who aren’t engaged on set, hard to book, a bit disinterested, and the actresses who give 100% on the day, do everything asked of them and more, are responsive and helpful, don’t sell as well. I can’t tell you how maddening that is. It is no one’s fault, buyers are presented with a video and will buy on face value, and any difficulty in putting it together just doesn’t come across. I am hoping this will turn around, because frankly, after so many years I only want to work with interested people.

      • Does Lady Victory come back?

        Why is Lady Victory first so strong but with more videos she gets weaker and weaker?

        Where do you have her costume from?4

        • Probably not. She moved away and came back a couple of times, but I haven’t seen her since 2019.
          Why does she get weaker? Because that is what people voted for, with either their votes in the Championship or their wallets!
          I designed it and got it made by a costume maker in London. This is true of nearly all our costumes.

      • It makes me sad that some actresses don’t get the credit they deserve. I’m glad you didn’t name names, because I’d rather not know which side of the line they fall on. While I naturally have my favourites, I honestly love every single NGC heroine, past and present, and happily hand over my cash (frequently) to you to see each one of them in action.
        I’ve not missed a release since “Villains Accomplice 1” (which, funnily enough, probably means I don’t really contribute to one video selling more than another, since I get them all…unless maybe my positive reviews spur a fence-sitter into buying too).
        I always look forward to Monday, finding out who this week’s star will be, and I know I’ll never be disappointed. There isn’t anyone who makes me think, “I don’t like them. I’ll give this one a miss.” For me, there are no weak links in the current roster. Whoever it is this week, I’m always excited to see what trouble they get into next.
        Same with the old videos. I’m still steadily filling in the back-catalogue (almost there!) and every NGC actress since the beginning is good enough to be someone’s absolute favourite.

        (hmm… just made a note to pick up ‘Miss Freedom: Fail-Safe Sister’ alongside the next release…I’m always looking for suggestions 🙂 )

        Oh sorry… there wasn’t a question there… just appreciation

  • So if Miss Freedom is your favorite character, who would you say is your favorite among the lineup of villains? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • I’ll leave out all the masked villains and say Alaric on the male side, and Malicia on the female. Both prepared to do crazy stuff, uninhibited, embody the character and I think a lot of people will agree with that.

  • Does bluebird get raped from rex in Bluebird2020?

    Does we will see fighting a Superheroine in Civil Clothing as Undercover Mission?

    Why does most Superheroines dont have a Mask?

    • If you watched all 4 parts you’d know the answer to that question.

      We already do that with our TRANSFORM series, if you mean for the entirety of the video, no.

      In the story most of the characters don’t have alter-egos. Miss Freedom etc.. don’t have another job and aren’t hiding anything. In addition, it took me a long time to find a mask maker. All the stuff you could buy off ebay looked terrible, or fitted badly. With Catherine Marks we had our first good-looking mask, but we had to glue it to her face, which wasn’t ideal. We eventually found a good mask option so did it a bit more with Marvelette, Sonica, Lady X.

    • You’ll probably be surprised how little attention I pay to what other people are doing! I know when we started in 2009 practically nothing was being made by anyone, even though the genre had existed for 10 years plus on the net… Then a few people tried to do what we did, and quickly found you make much more profit going in an adult direction. I think all I remember about the Heroine Legends stuff was just the volume they produced, and that I wasn’t sure how feasible it was in the long run. Obviously we produce a video every week, but I think they were even going faster than that.

      As for Project Superwoman… I’m sure someone could correct me, but wasn’t that attached to the superwomenmania forum? I knew a few people from there who were pretty friendly, but also I can remember at least one guy was very hostile on the basis that heroines often were defeated in NGC videos. They were very hard-line that the heroine must not only win but encounter zero adversity on the way to certain victory. This is fine if that’s what you like, but even though I was happy to have NGC heroines win in story videos, it is extremely hard to write an interesting story that contains no jeopardy whatsoever! I might be crossing wires here however and they could be different people. As I say, I don’t really pay attention to what other people do.

      • Other Superheroine Sides have sometimes an “behind the scenes” video or photoshoot.

        Is there a special reason why you dont have this? I think it would be great to see the work behind the video.

        • We’ve done some of that on photoshoots. The reason we don’t on shoots is time. I’d need to employ someone specifically to do it, and then many of the shots will have crew in them, so not all that great.

      • Yea ive always taken issue with that type of behavior (seen pretty frequently in other boards) in that there are people who bought one video and automatically feel entitled to having a say in direction or narrative.. as if the studio or industry should do x,y,z for you and you alone. Often time these are also the same folks that wont fork over funds for a custom..

        Switch gears here before i go on a rant 😂 i havent seen any alternate endings for quite some time, will we ever see those again in the future?

    • We have had male heroes who aren’t actually very nice. If you mean a male hero who is a good guy, who we’ve then got to make a costume for to properly look the part… not really. I’d need to think of a really good reason to involve such a character, and I haven’t thought of one yet. It is not something buyers have ever asked for.

    • Well, you’ve given the main example, and that isn’t straightforward. We’ve had a couple of heroines who weren’t overly nice, or might do the odd bad thing. Angel certainly wasn’t a pure good girl. Patriot-Girl isn’t entirely friendly… I’ve definitely had ideas written down that didn’t work out because the actress I needed became unavailable.

  • Gian+Lorenzo+Betti+van+der+Noot says:

    For a few seasons you have included credits with names of actors/actresses. What is the reason why they are no longer written?

    • People started basically pestering them on their personal social media. A couple of them told me they didn’t like it and wanted their names taken off, which I could understand, so I just decided to stop it altogether. I had a recent set of emails with someone asking me to tell them the real name of such and such character, I told them why I couldn’t do that, and they were like “Well, I’d never do that!” – Most people are obviously cool, but I don’t know you or what you do, so I can’t take the risk.

        • I don’t know about ‘ever’, but I have enough ideas of my own to be getting on with, this is why we still don’t do many customs. I don’t know about now, but at least in recent years most other producers were 100% customs, we’re nowhere near that.

  • You may have answered this question before, but how do you go about finding actors and actresses for NGC. It’s a very niche field and I am curious about how you find talent for your movies and what they know about the genre before going in.

    • I’ve even answered it in this thread!

      Everyone is provided with the site to look through, if they have a problem with anything, they shouldn’t come to the audition. Any nervousness we might encounter relates to costumes. Whatever the genre is or isn’t, all that matters is what we produce. We only promote via our own channels these days as well, so whatever other people are making really doesn’t matter.

  • 1) Are the films and photo shoots for the same film done on the same day or different days ?

    2) Is there pressure on NGC to stop doing chloro or nasty knockouts ? C4S (clips for sale) pretty much bans new chloro films because of pressure from the credit card acquirers and / or the credit card companies.

    3) Do the NGC actresses laugh at or are confused by some of the requests that are sent to them for custom films ?

    4) Has NGC thought of hiring some of the actresses that work at Bluestone (another UK film company) or is there a requirement that they need to know at least basic wrestling moves / physical fight moves ?

    Thanks and keep up the great work ! 🙂

    • 1) Same day. If I had to arrange another shoot at the same location with the same people just to do both, I’d probably quit! The videos and photo sets would also be wildly more expensive too.

      2) I know zero about this. I would guess in a lot of c4s videos, what happens after the chloroform is a very large part of the issue. In our videos they get carried away or wake up. C4s also probably do a years worth of our sales in a day, so I would think they get a lot of scrutiny.

      3) By and large they don’t care beyond doing a good job.

      4) Obviously they used Angel during her last year with us. I’ve not looked at their stuff for a long time so I don’t know who they are using now, but I’d need to actually know who they are because they at least used to use aliases for everyone. Basically I haven’t. A requirement with us is that actresses have either done stage combat training or dance to a level where they can pick up choreography quite quickly. Anytime I’ve dropped below that standard, I’ve regretted it.

  • Does NGC draw the line on bizarre requests like the superheroine being forced to get a pie or whip cream in the face ? There’s a person on the internet who keeps making custom requests at other companies for superheroines to be humiliated with pie/whip cream in the face like it is part of a slapstick sitcom. Thanks !

    • I’ve never been asked, I doubt we’d do it because it really doesn’t fit in anywhere and would not be interesting to the vast majority of our customers.

  • US fan here, I’m sure it’s quite late for you across the pond. Just have a couple of questions!

    1. Will John Roman be making a return against Miss Freedom? There’s no better dynamic between characters in my opinion and would love to see them butt heads.

    2. What’s your relation to the folks at TKS? I see them use similar locations (and actresses) from time to time, but the production quality is quite different.

    3. If there was one video you could reshoot now (same cast and everything), what would it be?

    4. Which character would you consider the most heroic and the most villainous in the series?

    5. Who’s power set would you like to have most? (My vote is for Deja Vu)

    6. Is a redemption arc or costume change in Patriot Girl’s future?

    • Very late so this is the last one I will do before bed…

      1. I don’t know about that, he’s quite busy…

      2. Zero. I don’t even know who you’re talking about!

      3. That question has got me thinking of things I wouldn’t shoot again, like the season finales because they were so hard. I think any video where we were quite unlucky with time, or noise, or it was just too expensive. I think I’d probably like to go back and redo a lot of season two in particular because I spent money on the wrong things too often then, I didn’t get the most out of the actors I had, and the filming process was annoying. If I went back and re-did the Fail-safe Sisters videos, the first 6 or 7 anyway, they’d be better for it.

      4. Hmm, probably Celestia. She is unimpeachably good, brave, helped her friends, didn’t make as many dumb mistakes as others. Villains, probably Masked Man, he killed Suki, he sells heroines into slavery, he’s a really creepy bad dude.

      5. Deja Vu is a good one, you could correct almost any short term mistake, or keep trying something. Infinity Girl would be an amazing power to basically takeover the world without anyone noticing, probably that.

      6. As far as I can tell she’s just a bit arrogant, I’m not sure that needs redemption. She has a fairly new costume so probably not. I know people liked her in the Miss Freedom catsuit, but that catsuit is really awesome and never looks bad. One of my favourites anyway.

  • 1. Would you accept a script if you thought it was good? (with you being able to make any changes you feel necessary, of course) or even ideas for new characters?

    2. Have you ever considered making female villains facing other villains and having problems like the heroines? Do you think this could add more popularity to them?

    3. Have you ever thought about hiring love stars like Lana Rhoades, for example? Giving the due proportions of fame between one and the other, of course.

    4. What do you think about make “only photoshot” characters a canon? They could have a backstory only, being metioned on storyline here and there, maybe. What do you think?

    • 1. I have to draw a line between customs and things I want to do. If I allow freebies for a good script, it undermines the custom offer: “you have to pay, this person doesn’t”, my issue with receiving completed scripts is often that they pay no attention to the logistics of making these videos, and to be fair, how can they? The way that we film is very specific and extremely time pressured, I’d be amending the thing so much I might as well have written it myself.

      2. Not for long because videos without superheroines in would tank. I’m 100% certain of that.

      3. No. There’s no guarantee of extra sales with those people because I can’t film the normal things they do, and I expect there would be a lot more expense as well.

      4. I mean, it’s possible, but just a throwaway line in a video about Bella or Aurora doing something off camera isn’t that interesting, is it?

      • 1. Oh, ok. I understand the problem completely.

        2. Yes… I can see that now.

        3. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Not to do what they normally do, just to do what other heroines do. But I can understand the cost issue.

        4. The photoshoot seems to work fine. You could do such adventures this way. If it’s worth it, of course.

        Thanks for the answers! I’m sorry if I seemed rude at any point. Have a great day!

    • Multiple days were really only possible pre-2014 before the fanbase halved. If I did it now, then it would be to fulfil something I always wanted to do, or a very big custom order. It would lose money.

  • Are there plans for videos with CARMEN BLACK IV or LADY ATOM? I don’t know if they were popular, but they definitely had charisma. Thanks.

    • Carmen, I don’t know. She got very busy after our last shoot and isn’t easy to communicate with. I might try again because she’s really nice and good to work with.

      Lady Atom, I’d say there’s no chance. She was really moving away from this stuff when we shot that 2 parter in 2021. She only did that because work was slow due to the pandemic. I’d shot a few days with her on Kandy Crisis in 2018 I think mostly. Very talented dancer, always seems to be in work, and not interested in doing more.

  • 1. What do you think about the friendship of Celestia and Miss Freedom? It was real or one sided?

    2. Who was the best and worst leader for elite force and why?

    3. What would be the differences between the first and the second dimension Celestia?

    • 1. Real. A relationship I enjoyed a great deal, and that was very important in seasons 2 and 3.

      2. Best: Celestia, Worst: Miss Freedom. I’m probably mis-remembering, but there were times when Elite Force was cohesive, and times when it was in bits. It is difficult to say how many leaders it had that were official. Miss Freedom was definitely an official leader, and Celestia before the Visitor was basically official. I’d say unofficial leaders have been whomever is most experienced or sensible in the room during times of turmoil, Athena I suppose briefly, and Deceptress for a bit longer, they did a reasonable job. Miss Freedom to her credit did at least put work into trying to keep things together when funding was cut, but generally those periods were tumultuous. Celestia I have as best because she probably had the biggest problems to face, the Crown Prince, and then Equilibrium, and she basically defeated both, or at least seriously caused them problems.

      3. Different people. Same fundamental core values of knowing right from wrong etc… Original Celestia was a bit naïve and struggled to relate to people, but had more power at her disposal. The second Celestia had grown up around others, was therefore a better natural leader, and wilier. Probably more formidable.

  • Not a question, just a comment on an earlier answer. I’m glad you put the effort you did into the season two final episode. I still think, even after all this time, it’s one of the finest SHIP videos ever made. You got the balance of peril exactly right, the story arc was resolved beautifully, the choreography had some unique and fresh content, and you did one little thing in that video that I don’t think I’ve seen from NGC before or since. When the villain froze Celestia in place and the Masked Man approached her, her face shifted so brilliantly from defiance and desperation to astonishment and fear when he ran his finger up her spine. It’s the only hint of sexual peril I’ve seen from NGC and it was so, so good.

    The performances from Celestia and Ms. Freedom were both top notch, and both actresses looked stunning. Also, seeing so many heroines from the season all together was a thrill, and no doubt quite costly. So thanks for that supreme effort. Well worth it, at least from my perspective.

    • Very kind. I am pleased that we went to the effort now, and I am very glad those finale’s exist, even though they were horrendous to arrange and difficult to film. If I knew where half those buyers went in 2014 I’d love to get them back so we can do big shoots again from time to time.

      • Commenting on a few things, plus a question. First, I’m also really glad we did get those finales, especially Season 2 with Elite Force “assembling” so to speak. The current story is doing a nice job, I think, pairing up heroines when appropriate and making references to other episodes to keep the shared story and continuity alive, but seeing everyone together was a real thrill.
        I’m also incredibly impressed that the story is still going after all these years in any form. Back when NGC started and early on there were a few producers promising episodic narratives (Battle for Earth and Heroine Legends in particular, I’m sure I’m forgetting others) but the stories didn’t last long, while NGC has arrived at a balance of story entries along with non-canon content that works like a playground for the characters and situations developed in the story. Action Cosplay is sort of in between those two things now, it seems.
        My question is about longer form, but not ongoing, story content. We still see two-parters from time to time, but in years past there have been a few “miniseries” that told one story or linked confrontations involving the same character over several episodes. I’m thinking about Deadly Sins (with Angel), and a few with Bluebird (2020, Play Dead, and Broken Wings). You could also say that the first set of Action Cosplay episodes were a miniseries of sorts with the Bluebird actress in a different role. Are adventures like that cost-prohibitive or logistically too difficult now under the current circumstances? I’ve wanted to see some other characters get a long-form adventure like one of those for some time, and the current cast is as good as it’s ever been (IMO).

        • I’m definitely not against running a mini-series for a particular character. I think the reason it hasn’t happened for a while is partly logistic, the pandemic really messed with the cast, among other things, so we’ve had an influx of new people, and I don’t really have the relationship with anyone where I would arrange it. The Bluebird series were possible because I was on good personal terms with her, I knew her quite well, she wanted to do it, and was engaged. There are a couple of others maybe in that position, but things got in the way.
          It also has to sell, so it needs to be a character that people buy in droves. That hasn’t really been there either. The scope and expense of the series would match what I thought would come back.

          • I can’t pretend to understand at all what does or doesn’t sell well in this market. If I listed what I thought were sure-fire hits (videos, heroines, or whatever) I’m sure I’d be wrong as often as not.
            For instance, I’m stunned to read up above that “Miss Freedom: Fail-Safe Sister” wasn’t a huge hit. Miss F looks ridiculously good in that and it’s got KO Queen! Her squash match against Miss F in the Championship has to be one of her most humiliating defeats.

  • Apologies if this question has already been asked/answered in the past! Why do you prefer to create and film all of the content as opposed to creating customs for fans like alot of the other companies?

    Do you take into account fan input? Any plans to offer more custom content options in the future?

    • Gosh, how blunt can I be…. I don’t enjoy creative collaboration. I don’t like being indebted to anyone. I don’t like the feeling of entitlement that you occasionally get from people after they’ve paid, often forgetting that I am still carrying as much cost as they are. This is why I am very careful about who I accept a custom from, and they all understand the guidelines. Of course I could make a lot more money if we only did customs, but it would mean working with a lot more people who would be difficult, a lot more personal hassle, probably making a lot more videos I’m personally not happy with. So, it wouldn’t work.

      If you want a custom with us, you need a proven track record as a buyer and supporter of the project, you need to be quite easy-going, and the cost of the custom should be something you can easily afford. I don’t want to be taking money from someone who is financially distressed.

      I take into account fan input always. The biggest input is what they buy and what they don’t buy. Individual comments can match that or they can be the opposite of that or somewhere in between. What sells, and why, is what is important to know.

  • Without naming names, have you ever had to break up a fight, or a yelling match between 2 actors/actresses or had to act as a mediator between 2 people that had a had time working together on a film or photo shoot ? Thanks !

    • Never. If it happened you’d never see them again. The theory is that we weed difficult people out in the audition process. It isn’t 100% effective, we’ve had a few bad attitudes over so many years, but only a few, and they are one and done. Again, I don’t want people looking through the videos for people who only appeared one time and jump to the conclusion that they were difficult. There are many reasons why people don’t last, bad attitude is just one of them.

    • Sorry, should say ‘…as a mediator between 2 people that had a hard time working together on a film or photo shoot ? Thanks !’

  • Hi there, I have been a fan for over a decade and love all of your content. I have been really impressed by alot of the newer characters that you have created and am impressed by how you have kept it fresh throughout the years.

    My question is will we ever see any more Danger Room videos? They are some of my favourite scenarios and feature a lot of things I love about your site.

    Secondly regarding customs. I have been interested in this for a while now and I am aware they are only available a couple of times a year on a limited basis. How does the process work? Do we just send you a basic outline and then if you are interested just take it from there?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I expect we will do more Danger Room videos along the way, so don’t worry about that.

      Yes, what I ask for initially when customs are open is outlines of the scene. I want to know who is in your preferred scene and what happens in the scene. Concise descriptions are favoured because long long emails containing every move in the fight and very specific things is very daunting, not only to read, but to imagine being able to satisfy. I’m acutely aware that it comes from a good place, but the last thing I want to do is to accept a very detailed custom, shoot it to the best of my ability, and then have the customer unhappy because the heroine’s head tilted to the wrong angle in the 6th minute. I require a degree of autonomy because there are always wild cards at every shoot; an actor has a bad back, the location has changed in a fundamental way since you last visited, the piece of furniture you were counting on doesn’t exist anymore, some part of the costume looks shit etc… so many things. So yes, an outline: “I want Miss Freedom fighting a male character in her catsuit costume, she starts really well and gets cocky about how easily she is winning, but then he injects himself with something and becomes much stronger, the tables turn and he is winning until she is KO’d and carried away.” – There can be a bit more than that, this is quite basic, but that kind of initial idea is excellent because I know who you want, what they’re ideally wearing, I have leeway with the villain, I have a full understanding of what I need to do and am confident I can do it.

  • Many costumes have capes, after all.

    1) Do the models like the capes or hate them?

    2) Is it more difficult to choreograph a fight with a cape or does it make more of a difference?

    3) has there ever been a situation where a model wanted to take her costume home for… let’s call it private bedroom stories? Or the respective partner of the models?
    If no would you allow it?

    4) you provide the costumes, as far as I have seen correctly. But the boots come from the models themselves?

    5) I think you already answered this question indirectly, but I’ll ask it anyway: would you ever do a crossover episode? For example between ngc and heroine legends?

    6) regardless of the model: which is your favorite superheroine and why?
    Which creation are you most proud of (both superheroine and episode)?

    7) almost all superheroines wear their hair down. Wouldn’t a braid or headband/hairhoop make more sense for fighting? Did the models notice any differences here?

    8) thank you for answering our questions and thank you for the content. The costumes are great the models (both female and male) are great as well.
    Keep up the good work and never let it get you down.

    • 1) Rarely a strong opinion given.

      2) Not necessarily more difficult to choreograph. The trouble with long capes, is that when you are shooting behind the heroine you just have one big colour block taking up a third of the frame, it loses all dynamism, which is why we don’t tend to go for the very long one’s anymore.

      3) Absolutely not, and no I wouldn’t.

      4) I own all the boots.

      5) I’ve done crossover work with Kick Ass Kandy, via – That’s enough for me.

      6) Miss Freedom. Probably the Season 3 finale.

      7) Thanks!

  • like many others I’ve been a massive fan for 10 years now and want to use this opportunity to show my gratitude and admirable for your work!! thank you producing videos of the highest quality so consistently over the years – absolutely unparalleled in this space in my opinion!

    1) i’ve watched the studio evolve and grow in so many aspects, what would you consider to be the standout lessons learned throughout your journey in running this production?

    2) have you ever felt a need to shift your creative process in order to cater to your collective audience at large? were any of these shifts (if any) motivated by sales?

    3) i may be alone (or wrong) in this observation, but villains from older videos added with the setting used seem to have an overall more malicious vibe/feel, to both the villains and to the videos as a whole. examples off the top of my head would be – season 2 side mission 6, fail safe sisters 04, season 4 episode 4. was there a conscious choice made to make the villains and scenarios more digestable? part 2 to this question i guess would be, do you ever plan on using the set in (s02 sm06) ever again?

    4) the set used for danger room episodes (carmen black danger room, bluebird new danger, and literally countless other videos) seems to be an NGC classic! and it looks like it’s gotten a touch up/remodel from the old look 😀 ive always wondered.. what’s up there on that second floor balcony? LOL has it ever been used for a shot?

    you are already in the hall of fame in my book! i look forward to your upcoming releases o7

    • Thank you for the kind words. I will try and answer.

      1) Patience is a virtue, not that I’m much less impatient, I’m just aware of that more. Probably that long term story planning is impossible because of all the moving parts. You have to hold onto good people when you find them, I think we’ve done this quite well.

      2) I don’t remember any wild lurches in one direction or another. We always wanted multiple formats, going right back to Training Room, and of course that even branched into other websites. Sales dictate everything, I can’t keep making videos that people don’t buy. I will give a new strategy several goes to turn bad sales around. It is quite rare now that I’m surprised by how well or badly a video does, at worst I’m out by about 20% either way. If I were only interested in maximum sales this project would be very different.

      3) I think this probably ties in with the last answer in that it isn’t a big change in one go. There has always been an ebb and flow between the sinister and darker stuff, and the lighter and more comedic. If it feels like we’ve been making too much of one we would naturally look to balance that out. I think they’ve knocked that building down. It was really just a load of corridors we were using on a Sunday in the hope most of the people in the rooms wouldn’t be there. It looked pretty cool, but wasn’t great if you had someone show up and complain.

      4) That location has actually been left by the studio that owns it now, so we won’t be going back there I’m afraid. The upstairs bit just had sofas and things, it is in one of the Carmen Black IV photo sets. We would shoot from it looking down, but I don’t think we did any fights up there.

  • Hello there, love the site and your content, that 2nd Angel video that you mentioned in a prior response (with the sliver catsuit) is a true classic!
    Just curious, how many hours per day/week do you devote to your projects? I am hoping you have at least a couple days off per week, we wouldn’t want you to get burned out. We are all huge fans and want you to take care of yourself as well.
    Keep up the great work!

    • I don’t do as much when we aren’t shooting. We are heading into a very heavy shooting period now, so it will be a lot. I have other things I do as well. Beyond writing and filming these, the largest amount of work is arranging shoots, and doing all the promotion that you see here and on our social media channels. I don’t like lots of time off I get bored with it.

  • Hello from France

    1) Do you think one day it could be possible to have an episode play in French

    2) Have you ever try to contact a professional woman wrestler to act in your movies ? (my dream is to see Santana Garrett the wonder woman of professional wrestling play in an NGC video ^^)

    Sorry if i made mistake and “merci NGC”

    • Hello

      1) You mean all the actors speaking the lines in French? Highly unlikely, Comet Girl could speak French fluently, but I don’t know about anyone else.

      2) The Dominator was a pro-wrestler for a few years. I am not against it, but if they are actively wrestling in the US I don’t know how it could work, semi-retired/retired and in the UK, maybe.

  • This thread might be outstaying its welcome, but I have a brief question I think will be fun. Are there any pairs of performers who have never had the chance to share the screen that you really would’ve liked to have been able to put together? For instance, I always wanted to see Miss Freedom and Lady Victory together. I kept thinking it was bound to happen, either in the Championship or in the story after LV was abducted by the Crown Prince. I think that would’ve been epic.

    • That’s a good one, and it is quite surprising it never happened because they did overlap for a while. I think possibly because by the time Lady Victory was no longer filming exclusively in the Fail-Safe Sister space she had moved away, so most of the Championships and the VTV’s etc… were all after she had moved, so we had very limited dates with her, and probably just got whoever we could involved. I don’t remember trying to put them together however.
      I can’t think of many team-ups I regret not doing, or even stuff that was never on the cards. Most of the people I would have put together did at least meet.

      • Knowing LV’s situation it’s easy to see why they never met, but all of LV’s appearances were pretty great, so I can’t complain. I can’t think of many other pairs I’d have loved to see together either, but of course if I had my way every heroine would have a turn with Snare (which I guess is possible, since he seems to be around) kind of like heroines are getting their shots in the Danger Room. Also, it’s a shame the Sleeper is still in Lockdown City, but that’s more about his MO than the character or performer himself.

    • I honestly cannot think of a single occasion. I have answered this earlier, and I wonder if the question is being asked from the perspective of the whole genre? Taking our production in total isolation, as it has been broadly since inception, our only mingling with others taking place on Heroine Movies site, there is nothing that we do that wouldn’t have been put on TV 60 years ago. If you think about what they’d do to Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, or Diana Rigg in the Avengers… we’re often even more tame when it comes to tying up, chloroform etc.. Where we go further than those shows is the fighting and violence, but our actors love doing all of that, and we need a 10-20 minute video, whereas fight scenes on TV shows were 20 seconds.

      By far and away the actresses are much more interested in how they’ll look in their costumes, and those designs.

  • Hi. I wonder to know if there is a possibilty to bring back old villains like Rex. And if there is a possibility to bring back some retired heroine but with another actress, like Comet Girl or Suki Deluxe. And the last question. What is Suki doing of her life?

    • I haven’t spoken to him in quite a long time, from what I know of, he’s doing Shakespeare and very serious acting work, and while I’m sure he’d be friendly if I made the approach, I’d be surprised if he’s interested in doing more.

      No, I don’t want to put a new actress in a role someone else did, whether we were pretending they’d been replaced or not. I’ll just create something else. It would also mess up this site, if you go to the character page and click on Bluebird for example, and there are multiple actresses, no, I don’t like it.

      I haven’t spoken to Suki for 10 years, I don’t know what she’s doing, hopefully enjoying life.

  • Have you ever considered doing another heroine whose power is time-based? I feel like Spectrum is so unique in that regard because she can’t be in her color forms for an indefinite duration of time.

  • I sound like a broken record, but will Miracle Maiden (Celestia or another actress) be coming back ? Maybe Miracle Chick too ? Thanks !

  • Toby Flenderson says:

    Any chance for Red Glory to come back at all? She was my absolute favorite! Or Dynamite Doll/Shadowstar?

  • Mega late to the party but was checking Comet Girl´s page so I wanted to ask.

    Does the Suki Deluxe second costume (Comet Girl´s debut costume as well) still exist? And in that vein, do costumes we haven´t seen in years like Magenta or Blitz still exists waiting for some opportunity to return? Or are they gone forever? Some of your old costumes were really nice, but of course the newer ones are superior in variety and craftsmanship, but I was still curious about old ones.

    Also would love the NGC championship website had each participant profile with links to their fights, because after a while it´s difficult to track all their battles and the ones I´m missing to buy!

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