Ask Me Anything – Once More

An amazing 9 months have passed since the last time we did this. Shortly before filming started for this year. Now, 9 months on, filming has just ended, and so I thought it would be a good time to do it again.

As before, I will answer anything I can answer that doesn’t betray any confidences or spoil anything coming up. I never make promises unless I’m as certain as can be that I will keep them. All that aside however, I’ll do my best to be candid, so fire away!


    • Nothing that springs to mind immediately. We’re close to 500 videos so it is hard to do completely new things, though I know we have a couple of scenarios we haven’t done before coming up.

      Also, people actually quite like the same elements repeated if we’re all honest.

    • Hmmm… I think you’ve seen everyone we have now. We tend to recruit in the winter as we’re not filming, those new people will be filmed in the spring and their first videos will land in the summer typically. We might recruit at other times if we feel a bit short.

  • 1) In general, do you know if the custom vids sell better than the regular vids or about the same ? 2) Will Malicia appear again in any vids as it’s been a while since we last saw her. Thanks !

    • 1) Nothing conclusive there. Customs are often like things we’d ordinarily produce or we probably couldn’t make them.

      2) Unlikely. She moved to Thailand! A shame, brilliant villainess.

  • 1.) I know things have gotten more complicated in-universe, but is there a chance we’ll get to see more linear narratives for the on-going story along the lines of season 1,2, & 3?

    2.) Who’s your favorite superhero/supervillain in media? (My picks are Static Shock and Magneto)

    3.) Does Patriot Girl have any weaknesses (besides her own hubris of course)?

    • 1) I don’t think so. Things are very different now than they were when we started. I’d be speculating about why things are different… possibly the ability to self-promote and produce that wasn’t very easy before say 2014. Whatever the reason, actresses can and do simply walk out on you at the drop of a hat. In the past there was just more security that someone would be available. In addition, the amount of required (or feeling of required) videos you need to own in order to understand what is going on alienates new people. And so, if they aren’t put off, then they are buying as if standalone. I think the reduction in them was the right call, as it allows a bit more mastery over what is made. For several recent years there was a monthly story. This results in a need to say something with not necessarily your first choice heroine for the story due to availability, but you say it anyway, and the story suffers. When we were making the best story stuff, we only released about 4 a year. Oddly, the issues we’ve had have been mirrored in the mainstream. Streaming has caused a reasonably linear Marvel story 5 years ago to branch in many different directions that have wrecked the main narrative.

      2) If you mean male then Superman as a kid. I’m of the vintage who grew up on the Christopher Reeve movies, and comics-wise I bought more Superman than anything else. As for villains, I always thought Lex Luthor was a good one simply because he was a normal man who hated anyone being better than him and took great effort in creating huge problems for Superman. I also liked Doctor Doom. If I were running the shitshow at Marvel now, then aside from taking a few years off to regroup, I’d make him the primary antagonist for the series. I guess maybe his attachment to the Fantastic Four might have made it a rights issue in the past? Someone will know, but they never replaced Thanos with anyone worthy, Doom fills that void properly.

      3) I think those have proved pretty significant weaknesses! As mentioned in her bio, she isn’t particularly susceptible to mind control and magic, that doesn’t mean immune. But broadly her weakness is character related.

      • Doom in Secret Wars was a magnificent villain, and he got the powers there that could match his intelelct and deviousness. I agree it would be fun to have a main villain who is mostly a regular guy and not a universe ending threat or multiverse monster

  • 1) May I espect future fight choreographies where more facepunches are featured and even dominant in the hits that the girls give and take to each other?
    2) Will we get to see Magesty, Shining Spirit and Wonderstrike suffer one-sided beatings from the villains? Personally i always prefer when the villains dominate the fight right from the start when these heroines are involved.
    Thank you and keep up your fantastic work. The new talent you found are all fantastic.

    • 1) No, I wouldn’t expect it. Face punches are obviously part of any fight scene, but if you want much more of anything frankly then you’d need to order a custom.

      2) My plan is to make designated squash videos from time to time. I want to be careful not to put a video in the ‘squash’ category unless it is one-sided without answer. For example, a video where the heroine looks good for the first 2 minutes before having the tables turned and losing for the next 15 minutes wouldn’t go in the squash category due to her early offense. Even if it was a very heavy defeat. So, if it goes in the squash category then you know it is one-sided entirely. Save for a couple of moves from the heroine that the villain just ignores or laughs at.

  • Lady X is insanely, insanely good at all aspects of the genre you produce. Do you know how long you’ll be able to produce content with her? I hope she’s able and willing to stick around for years.

  • You mentioned in a previous Q&A that you were looking at darker, more “permanent” endings to some videos, I just wondered if that was still your intention and will we see more of this going forward? You’ve done some great endings in the past, like neck breaks and that fantastic broken back ending on Shadow Fox. Any plans for more stuff like these, maybe as alternative endings on some videos?

    Also have to ask because it just needs to be done – any chance (however small!) of Bluebird returning at any point in the future?

    • There’s a post that wasn’t a q and a but just a statement of intent. A lot of that was to do with raising stakes etc. I still don’t think we will do loads of death endings because they lose shock value, but we will do them from time to time.

  • 1- A nonsense question haha: has any actress ever slept or dozed off while having to play unconscious during a filming?

    2- You occasionally use special effects in videos, but is there any type of effect that you would like to use in videos, but for whatever reason you haven’t been able to yet?

    3- Do the actresses participate in the development of their uniforms? Or are they simply recruited into a uniform they already know they will wear?

    Success, always!

    • 1) lol, no. They would need to be very tired. We work them pretty hard, but still, they’re usually only like that for 30 seconds.

      2) Not that I can think of. It would likely be something very difficult that we don’t have time to set up. We used wires one time but it was such a faff to edit them out and modify the costume to accommodate them that we haven’t repeated it.

      3) Not really. They might ask for a specific style, or I might okay a design with them before it gets made. In early years I designed everything and then cast an actress. Now I cast the actress and design the costume that will suit them. Also, using people in Action Cosplay first is helpful because it gives me a stronger idea about how they will look, what their limitations might be.

      • Not very soon. We’ve just finished filming and avoid it in the coldest months. Customs are Members only now, and will only be announced in the Member email.

  • 1) Will Celestia or Athena appear again in any vids as it’s been a while since we last saw her.
    2) Do the actresses participate in the development of their uniforms?
    3)It is possible to see video with destrruction clothes like Angel or Virtue?

    • 1) Athena?! I think you’re pulling my leg. It has been a longstanding joke about people asking for Athena back. I’ve not shot with her since the summer of 2015. Celestia has finished. She did 11 years with a 2 year gap in the middle. I’m sure she could still go. But she doesn’t want to. However, if someone reading this has say 10 grand spare, you never know. Hell, I’d even ask Athena if she fancied one more for that money.

      2) I’ve answered that a few minutes ago, basically no.

      3) We don’t do extensive costume destruction often because bespoke NGC costumes are expensive, and take time to make. We’re more likely to do it in Action Cosplay if it is a costume we can buy from the Internet, though even that went wrong with Metro-Girl. We did it with Virtue as we knew we were making a replacement and that one was on its last legs anyway. With Angel, I think you’re referring to ‘Fallen Angel’? We didn’t damage her main costume, but ripped her tights, which are far more expendable. I don’t mind tights getting ripped.

  • I think a good idea is a live meeting with the heroines to answer questions via chat.
    People can ask questions about the character, how develop, the combat skills how must knows etc

    • It’s nice in theory but practically not something I’m interested in. We’re not a huge outfit. Even if we advertise it really well, maybe 10 people show? The actresses would want to be paid etc.. if we sold a lot more and there was a ton of interest then maybe.

      • And I also fear someone can make the actresses very uncomfortable with some questions not understading the difference between real people and a character they play.
        Not worth the risk even if it could be theoretically fun

  • Just a couple of quick questions from me.

    1- Is Patriot Girl still active as its been a while since she has been in a video?

    2-I know Wondersrike is longest active heroine you have on the roster. Who is the next longest serving? Majesty or Captain Liberty maybe?

    3-Not a question as such but I hope we see more Villain’s Network material in the future. NGC at its ridiculous and campy best for me.


    • 1) Yes she’s still active.

      2) Hmm, not sure. Of those two Majesty started a year earlier than Captain Liberty. 2019 versus 2020 intake. Though Majesty missed a full year of filming in 2020, so I’m sure Captain Liberty has been in more videos.

      3) Yes we will do more VTV I’m sure.

      • Is there any way to search for videos by particular elements? For example, I am a fan a of death endings, whether in the alternative or canon video, and if I knew which videos had them, I would buy them all. But, after guessing wrong in three, four, or five videos, it makes it hard to gamble on video number six.

  • Hi, 3 questions. Maybe 1 and 2 are similar but
    1. will we see any stories where a superheroine becomes bad, such as a serum, infected, or a toxic venom that makes them evil? Like, Lightstalker into Darkstalker?
    2. Shining spirit facing against Sin, in Saints & Sinners Sin changed Shining’s personality where she had more of a prideful and rage filled angry heroine, will we see this on other superheroines embracing their pride, rage, and hate?
    3. We there ever be an episode where Sin gets to wear a different outfit maybe leotard and tights like Deceptress?
    Thank you for the content you have created, it’s very enjoyable and exciting to watch!

    • 1) From time to time it may happen. I’m inclined towards a scene where this happens and she fights another good heroine. Or she gets turned at the end by villains.

      2) Yes if they fight Sin, that is her power.

      3) I don’t know really. ‘Saints & Sinners’ was an opportunity to send me a message about what you wanted to see happen with the Sin character. If it sold well then I’d develop things, if not I won’t. That’s really how it all works.

  • To add on to what some others have asked about additional peril elements to videos, I don’t believe people want to strictly see all the same elements repeated. I definitely love seeing new things added in, along with some of the classics. Also, in regards to darker endings, I don’t think the darker endings have to mean a death ending specifically. That being said, when I read that post several months back, it got me really excited to see what would happen and I don’t really feel I’ve seen much of that since. By that I mean, I haven’t really noticed much difference in the “low stakes” endings that were done in the past. Do you still plan on doing more dark endings to films for the heroines or what does that exactly mean to you?

    I remember back in the day, Bluebird has some pretty tragic and dark endings (even if they weren’t death or were just alternate endings) and that is what made me a fan of her films above the rest. Could we expect more return to that form with those kind of endings on some select films?

    Lastly, when can we expect to see a film in the squash series? Have there been any already and are they going to be classified as “squash” in the marketing for them?

    • What people say they want and what they buy are often incompatible. I’m dealing with people on the whole. Let’s say I went 3 releases, 2 even without a KO… I’d be slaughtered for it. I understand that. Of course we try and pepper in things we have not done before, but some aspects are just popular, and proven by reaction.

      The changes take place over a period because you still have a lot of stuff to release before that. An example of it might be ‘The Goddess Eater’ where Solaris defeat meant she was taken to an entity that would eat her and the city she protects is destroyed. Whereas in the past she may have just been ko’d and carried off, or been annoyed and embarrassed that she lost, that’s about it. We’re doing more transform videos and will work in more designated squash videos, but as I said, the bar for meeting that criteria is quite high.

      Yes, we have one in the new Squash section of the menu where Ubiquity met Acolyte.

      • These new ends are definitely more interesting to me. Even though they don’t as they are alternate ends, or non-cannon stories, having a fate in mind rather than a general carry off is fsr more interesting.

        Way felt ‘darker’ to me though is actually seeing follow up to bad end videos – Bluebirds whole captivity arc being one of those where she’s captured and still a captive for many videos after. Is there any chance of something like that returning? Lady X seems like she would be game!

  • I know the production schedule is pretty tight, so this may not be something you have an answer to, but are there any releases from the last year or so that standout as a favourite for the crew? From a choreography and acting perspective, I’m always a bit curious as to what videos end up feeling the most fun to make for the team involved.

    • Difficult… a lot we’ve shot this year you haven’t seen yet. I think Lady X gets special praise: ‘X Heroine’ and ‘Multiverse Mutations’ worked very well. ‘Village Capture’ was fun. ‘Captain Liberty in the Danger Room’. There will be others I’m forgetting. This might sound cheesy but the best stuff is unreleased.

  • 1) Any teases you can provide for upcoming releases that involve chloro KO’s?
    2) Is this your only job, or do you do this in conjunction with a normal day job?

    • 1) Nothing other than KO’s and chloro will definitely be happening, many times.

      2) Aside from a paper round and stacking shelves in a supermarket until I was about 20, I’ve never worked for anyone.

  • A few people have already asked costume questions that mildly overlap with the one I had, so forgive this one for being oddly specific. I notice that a lot of the same boots are worn by multiple actresses you employ. Do you have multiple pairs of each kind, or is it just lucky happenstance that some of the gals have the same foot size? Weird question maybe, but I noticed it a couple months ago and couldn’t help but wonder if that aspect of production is a major pain in the ass, lol. Thanks for doing all that you do, and as always, keep up the great work!

    • I don’t know how many women’s boots I own. I’m like Imelda Marcos, except none of them fit me. I could probably throw some out. I haven’t done the shoe size conversion to answer this question, but in UK sizes about 75% of the actresses are either size 5 or 6. We’ve got a few 7s, one 8, and I think maybe one or two who take 4. Heroines tend to have a specific boot at any given time until they start falling apart, and then I replace and that is their boot. Villainesses might share boots, newcomers might. Black and white boots have duplicates in the same style because so many. The only thing annoying about the boots is the space they take up, and finding the right ones if they weren’t put away properly the last time they were used.

  • For me it’s still the 25th so my questions for this year.
    1) Why are the same actresses (Captain Liberty) not wearing pantyhose at kickassfemmes and at NGC the pantyhose are as as thick as rubber gloves.

    2) Is there a possibility to do some of those silly batman traps like in the old series with Adam West as batman and Yvon Graig as batgirl. I always loved that villains in those series had some devious plans and batgirl and batman and robin ended up in the strangest contraptions. I remember a swinging axe and some garden hose.. It could be part of the Danger room series.

    3) Do the actresses also love the universe you created and are they able and finding it fun to be a heroine / villain or do they just see it as work and as long if it’s get paid?

    4) The most dark film was with bluebird tied up and getting the whip on her back. Do you ever see you or an actress willing to do something like that again?

    Personal note: Please carry on. I enjoy what you create and buy almost everything to support. There are not a lot of sites like this and the ones that where good are long gone.

    • 1) I don’t own kickassfemmes, I just know the person who does. If he got her to wear a chicken suit or nothing at all it would have no bearing on my choices.

      2) The trouble with that is myriad. Who makes it? What does it cost? Where is it kept? How does it get to the film set? Where does it go after? All of these questions tend to have horrible answers that hugely put me off. If I had a base where we filmed everything then sure, but then every video will have the same background or the place I get is so big to avoid that I just lose money. Sorry.

      3) It varies. If they don’t enjoy it then they won’t be back. Anyone who has done more than say 3 videos is having some degree of fun. Some like watching the videos they are in, others never ask to see them. If they stick around then they like it and we like them by and large. I honestly can’t think of a situation where we kept inviting someone back who wasn’t keen and they kept coming.

      4) Yes. But there needs to be trust there. I knew Bluebird well, she’d done a lot of videos by that point as well. Plus she was able to make it really work and wanted to. Miss Freedom has made similar things, for the same reasons. Those sorts of scenes are not the first scenes you do with someone. The fit has to be right.

      Thank you. No one knows the future, but right now we fully expect to shoot a full calendar in 2024.

  • 1.Hello. Noticed an uptick in restraints being used in the videos. Love it! Are we going to be seeing more in the future?
    2. Have you ever considered recasting a character that’s been dorment for a while?

    • 1) Well, certainly as many as you’ve seen post-uptick.

      2) We wouldn’t do that on this site. We have on Action Cosplay, but even then acknowledge that the prior version of the character existed.

  • Have you considered doing a fully masked superheroine?
    I’m not a particularly big fan of the unmasking fetish, but since the last few videos have had higher stakes/darker endings I guess having someone who wants to protect a secret identity and avoid getting knocked out and exposed could be a fun peril element to play with.
    What I am a fan of is the Spider Woman themed heroines, mostly because of the style of costume (full bodysuits). I have seen some other producers do videos with them recently and they even keep the actress playing the heroine a secret so people have fun guessing based on trailers. Of course that’s a trick you can only pull once but I would love having a guessing game with NGC actresses and a fully masked heroine at least once.

    • You mean fully masked like Spider-Man? Or a Batgirl cowl? Not sure I’d do the first one… if I did it would be Action Cosplay as a tryout. Generally I like faces and expressions.

      • Yeah like Spiderman or Deadpool (examples that come to mind. Female heroines usually leave at least the lower part of the face exposed, but even that would give away the performer almost immediately)
        Seeing something like a Batgirl or Catwoman cowl for Action cosplay return would be fun for sure, but I remember the Shadow Fox one being very uncomfortable to wear, that’s why I mentioned the fully masked alternative (don’t know if that would be messy for sound and voice capture though)

        If you ever do something like that at least in AC I bet people could have fun guessing, or it would be scary how fast people can figure out an actress out just by body shape or voice. I for sure would buy that although I do prefer half covered faces like eyemasks or cowls personally ^^

        • I’ve already been doing something similar to your “guess the actress” idea with Lady Nemesis.
          For instance, I’m pretty sure the Shining Spirit actress played Lady Nemesis in “Two Ladies”, and I’m 99% sure the Lady X actress played Lady Nemesis in the “Solaris v Lady Nemesis” championship match.
          Of course, those are just my guesses.

          • You are right! The character didn’t come to mind immediately since she is technically a villain but it’s true there’s a drastic height difference between her appearances!

  • 1) Are there any plans to have 2 superheroines appear in the same video again ? I’m thinking they are more expensive to make so hopefully there are still some in the future. I like how they normally turn into catty fights and insults between them 🙂

    2. Do you have any superheroines that you think were mishandled by Marvel/Disney and DC ? Example, in the comics, characters like Black Canary are portrayed as good looking, but the Arrow TV series made her dress in a goofy catsuit. Same with the Scarlet Witch and Storm. The costumes in the film versions were awful. Thanks !

    • 1) Definitely. I prefer fighting on the same side though. Yes we will have more for you, and they can be catty on the same side anyway.

      2) I haven’t watched everything. However I think it has been run abysmally in recent years. I simply couldn’t run NGC the way they have, not caring about the fan experience. I’d be out of business. This is a clear case of people with agendas spending other peoples money. If I were running DC we’d have shot the 4th Gal Gadot Wonder Woman by now and released 3. None of which would be like WW84, which was painfully stupid and a total waste. For Marvel, I’d have remembered that a woman isn’t a shit version of a man. I wouldn’t have tried to make them all like men, and then emasculated the male characters. I had a flutter of excitement when I saw Hayley Atwell was going to be doing Captain Carter in live action, but the costume was a disappointment. The whole thing needs a rethink, involving mass firings and getting back to making money by giving people what they want. Considering they started giving director jobs to people who had only ever made unrelated short films, I might actually be over-qualified for the role at this point! They weren’t really allowed to direct of course, movies made by a committee of people who love nothing, and know even less.

  • Have you considered working with Amy Leigh Quine before? She’s acted as a superheroine/villainess for Taurusfilms/tksproductions and is fantastic!

  • A couple of questions…

    1) Someone asked about if there were any situations that you couldn’t put a heroine in, because it’s just not technically possible and your answer was no, but I remember you asking us a couple of years ago about if anyone would like to see a heroine in a particular situation and I mentioned that I was a fan of the heroine being trapped in a room with the walls closing in and you mentioned then that it would just be too expensive of a proposition to pull off, especially considering how often you’d likely use it.
    So my question now is, has that changed. Is such a situation for a heroine a possible thing now?

    …second question…

    The other day, my computer hiccuped and lost 60 Gigs of videos and stills I had stored on it. Most of the videos I can get back, as they’re available through this site, but one I’d really like to have back and need your help in retrieveing is the Bella video you recently published. I barely had time to enjoy it when my computer glitched.
    Is it possible to get that back from you?
    Should I message you about that?
    I’d be willing to pay for it again, if that helps.

    • We did it, or tried to in Miss Freedom in the Danger Room I think. It was sort of okay. We haven’t repeated it, which tells a story.

      Sorry to hear that. I don’t want to sound callous, but I no longer replenish lost stock. It was getting out of hand and people were actually sending me angry emails that I wouldn’t give them back a video they bought 8 years ago and left on a laptop they threw away. I have to make sure you receive what you paid for, after that I can’t do it. I also sadly must reiterate that if I say something is a one-off or that you’ll miss it for an extended period if you don’t get it now, then I really really mean it. People need to know I’m serious when I say things or it undermines everything I say.

      • No problem. I completely understand. Hopefully, that Bella Video will come around again some day and I can retrieve it then.
        I’ll check out that Ms. Freedom video.
        Thanks for your help.

    • Haven’t seen her in a while. She moved away for a show of some kind. I liked her, very professional. But I don’t know if she’ll be back.

  • One thing I really like and hope you continue doing is at the end of the video like in captain ordinary the heroine is so defeated they try to get to a sitting position and faint back down, will there be more of those because I love those endings and it truly shows how defeated the heroine was. She can’t even stand up and walk out!

  • Any chances for more variety in ‘under cover’ clothes? Seems very similar / same. Maybe some suit (white shirt, black skirt / trousers?) Something like Bluebird / Lady Victory used to wear very long time ago

  • How much script approval to the actresses have? If you have a vid where you intend to have a debooting, or a scene where the heroine begs or pleads, or even one where the fight puts them on their knees, do you just know which actresses are up for it? Or is your script final no matter what?

    • If someone didn’t want to do something I have no ability to make them. They get the script in good time, if there was something they didn’t like then I’d modify it. If they still refused then they wouldn’t have to do it. Generally I have always worked best with easy going people. If someone did behave in that way, and it hasn’t happened in a very long time, then it is usually because they’ve never worked with us before. They then either enjoy the experience and are more trusting thereafter, or they probably don’t come back. That could be their choice or mine.

  • 1. Solaris truly is a Goddess level lady and her vids have been some of my favorites in your entire batch. Will we be seeing more her and her actress in the coming year? She sells weakening scenes so amazingly well.

    2. Been sifting through alot of the ?s already so I mightve missed if this has been asked already but how often do you do team up vids with heroines? Any chance of seeing a pair like Lady X and Alias together at some point?

    • 1) Yes there will be more from her, she’s been a great addition this year.

      2) Yes, there will be more team ups. Probably not with Alias though as she’s not really available.

  • You got me curious. Which actresses are the ones who like to watch the videos they are in, and which are the ones who never ask to see them?

    • I don’t really want to answer that because it isn’t a condition of the role to be so enthusiastic that you watch everything. And I don’t want to suggest anyone isn’t committed.

  • General observation but it seems like the low blow element has started to fade in newer releases compared to the frequency in some of the older videos. Is this a conscience decision due to actress likes/dislikes or general feedback? Or maybe just an incorrect observation on my end and nothing more?

    Appreciate the work!

  • Hi again! forgot to ask this one. Is there a chance that we could see the Lady X actress wearing Shadowstar costume in live action? she looks good in that costume ngl

    • The Shadowstar costume is a bit beaten up, the emblem is peeling, it just looks a bit shit for that reason so I don’t think I’d put it back in a video.

      • I would love some alternative universe (very lazy writting I know) where an actress is that universe variant of certain heroine (same effect
        we recently had with Lady X wearing Deceptress clothing in a vid). That way you could use a beaten up costume for one last ride, specially if it’s an apocaliptic universe like the Fail Safe Sisters one. It could also come with costume destruction if it’s in its last legs. I’m not against seeing beaten up costumes in videos, I think they add realism but I understand why a producer would avoid them seeing how people may think he is being sloppy with old or borken wardrove being featured as a sign of bad quality

        • I would also be interested in seeing what MAF is suggesting.
          My favorite costumes to see would have to be Shadowfox, Comet Girl, Suki Deluxe, Shadowstar, and Red Glory.
          For the alternate universe angle; a VTV service where defeated villains find random women from across the multiverse. VTV gives them a costume and the heroine’s powers and the villains take out their revenge on the inexperienced newcomers.
          Might be a cool send off before retiring a costume.
          Just an idea.

  • Hello! What do you think about introducing a vampiress as a villain in the future?

    Thank you for all of your time and effort to produce these films!

  • I’m a big fan of heroines slowly realizing their fate. For example Celestia in the episode where she is captured and sent to a planet with slug-like creatures. Having her being told her fate and her panicking in realization really sells the defeat for me.

    In that regard Lady X is one of my favorite newcomers. She really sells defeat well and I look forward to seeing what she’ll bring to new videos. Also, and I don’t know if this was intentional, I’ve noticed her character has had a gradual breakdown of her confidence. Going from thinking she’s the baddest around to slowly realizing there are cosmic threats that she can’t hope to handle (Mayor Killscape, Nemesis, etc..).
    I don’t know if that was an intentional detail for the story or if it developed organically or even by accident. Is that gradual change in a heroine over the course of several defeats, over several videos, something that would be included more in the future?
    Also, more Lady X?

    • Yes more Lady X. She’s a fantastic actress, but largely the acting is situational rather than remembering the past unless it is a story video.

  • I have three questions I’d like to ask.

    )1 I know you asked this last year, but is there a time when Majesty and Princess will team up again? There was no video this year.

    2)Will Dominator continue to appear in videos?

    3)Will there be any filming of the Jobber program at NGC?

    • 1) it doesn’t look likely.

      2) I hope so, but I’ve not seen her in a bit.

      3) In the Championship you mean? Not in a big way, one-offs maybe.

  • First off I been a recent fan of your content and the hard work put into these videos is very amazing. My questions are:

    1. Is there any powers or abilities that you would like to incorporate into the videos(any that haven’t been used).

    2. With one the recent videos of Lady X in Multiverse of mutations. Is there any other plans to do what if or alternative universes superheroine? Say in another universe Ubiquity is Miss Freedom similar to Lady X as Deceptress.

    • 1) if I could think of one and could visually do it justice then I’d probably give it to whomever we cast next.

      2) I wouldn’t say no, but not often.

  • Do we see Erica Lynn in her original costume once again? And what about creating a new character out of hers? I especially like the long black cape and the cat suit, maybe something to add to a new character.

    • The colour scheme, although grey and black aren’t colours, maybe. We won’t cut up a suit that good. The reason we altered the Suki one is because she wasn’t coming back, and we were pretty skint at that time and it was much cheaper than starting from scratch. I wouldn’t do it now because I like to revive old costumes for photo sets.

      • I very much hope she does return at some point. She was a wonderful performer with a unique look, her costume was terrific, the character was interesting, and I liked her arc in the story. Those light gizmos in the gloves created a fantastic effect, it’d be a shame not to see that again. I suppose if the actress doesn’t return another character could adopt her tech, but I’m imagining a new character rather than someone else playing Lightstalker.
        Since this is an AMA, I guess I’ll ask: if Lightstalker doesn’t come back, can you imagine another character using her weapons as a heroine (or villain)? Is there any prospect of a tech-powered heroine?

        • I’m not against doing another tech powered heroine. The effects were all added in the edit in case that isn’t clear. Pretty painstaking work, the gloves weren’t actually THAT good!

          • Yeah, the sparks while she’s fighting were clearly fx, I just thought it was a cool idea, paired with the lights in the gloves for show. Tech powered heroes are always interesting to me, because it gives them an inherent weakness since the tech can always fail or be disabled. It also creates opportunities for the heroine to improvise, if her weapons do fail and she needs to figure out how to win without them. Even Spider-Man was tech powered in part, because in the comics his web shooters would sometimes jam, break, run out, etc. and he’d have to deal with it.
            You could compare it I guess to the “magic belt” thing that gives Wonder Woman her strength in the TV show and the avalanche of SHIP-inspired knockoffs, although I think that gimmick is a heavily overused crutch.
            All this is to say I really miss Metro-Girl, she had a few videos that played with the particular plight of the tech powered heroine well.

          • Celestias staff is an example of malfunctioning tech. It is a bit difficult because you often find you are repeating yourself by breaking their equipment, or it malfunctioning. Although a power, Comet Girl being super fast always presented a need to slow her down. I guess no one minded.

  • Ok, but the long black cape could be easy added to another costume, wouldn’t it? 😉 maybe a thing to think about, as I love long capes 🙂

  • Anon E Mouse says:

    Would you ever make a graphic novel to tie up loose ends storyline wise and show fans the perilous fates of their favorite characters? (Red Glory, Comet Girl, Virtue/Vice, Nina Hellfire, Starshot etc.) maybe get Kostmeyer on the art again like the old comics?

    Also can I make a request for more girl on girl bearhugs?

  • I fell in love with Power Woman immediately since her appearance, so just wanted to ask if the character still is active, will give more performances, or is there a possible a clue when she may be returning back around? Have been looking forward to her in literally every new video coming up ever since her first debut back in June.

    • We are planning to do more with her. Often with new people it can start a bit slower because you film once, and then have to wait for that to be released to see what the level of interest is (sales numbers). Then if you decide it is worth another go, you have to arrange something again. A lot of characters in their first year do not appear much, and then it ramps up in their second year.

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