Assert Films Re-branding

I suspect this is a post for a small number of people, most of the people who come here really won’t care and nor should they. Primarily the reason for posting here is to allay any fears that we’re stopping, or changing in a negative way. Anyone who is into NGC, Action Cosplay, or NGC Championship has nothing to fear from this. The only really noticeable change will be to the copyright screens at the very end of videos.

Assert Films has become the umbrella company for all of our video work in the last 10 months. We love making NGC and its closely associated off-shoots, but we also want to make other stuff. Some of that stuff will be female combat related, some of it won’t.

The biggest changes will be on our social media platforms rather than here. On this website we may occasionally mention other things we’re doing, but it won’t be a priority, and will need to have some link with the videos we make here.

On social media our Facebook page for NGC: will stay the same, it has just been renamed from NGC Productions which no longer exists as an entity.

On Twitter we are now at – This account will mention everything we’re doing, but NGC is going to be a huge part of that still as it is the project which is by far the furthest along (I almost wrote ‘most mature’ lol).

On Instagram we are now at – Like Twitter, it will cover everything we’re doing, but will be primarily NGC for a good while yet.

Our next project is UPL, which stands for ‘Utopia Pain League’ and can be found at – The first release is February 24th and some of the people who like NGC will definitely enjoy it, not all though I’m sure. Members of this site will automatically receive member emails for UPL, but don’t worry if it is not your thing. If you unsubscribe from a UPL email you will still be an NGC member, you just won’t get UPL emails anymore. I am likely to cover UPL here for launch and maybe the first couple of releases, but it will be doing its own thing.

Beyond this we will make other stuff that is totally unrelated and you might have zero interest in, I won’t promote that stuff here, but you can see what we’re doing on Twitter and Instagram if you wish. That’s about it. Look out for a VTV release starring Candy next weekend, and some info on the UPL launch. Thanks for reading.


  • UPL likely isn’t really my thing, but I’m quite interested in the other less relevant to this genre stuff in the works. The general film production you guys do is really good and I think deserves to expand, so that’s great to hear.

  • NGC, Thank you for altering us to this update. I too may peek onto those insta/twitty pages to see what else you’re up to.
    I briefly studied film production in school, so anything any production company does is of interest to me.

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