Athena: What Happened?

Earlier today a friend of the project asked me what had happened to Athena, I think I remember recently writing something to answer that question but can’t find it. So what I shall attempt to do here is answer questions in a mock interview style, an idea I nicked from Paul McCartney:

Q: Is Athena dead?

A: In the story, which is what counts, yes. She was taken to the brink of death by Harbingers dark staff during the season 3 finale ‘Invasion’, but heroically used her last energy to thwart the invasion to an extent. She did this alongside the Roman brothers, Hamilton Dinar, and I think Virtue was in the room too, some made it, some didn’t.

Q: Theoretically could Athena reappear?

A: In the story probably not, in non canon video yes, with the barrier being that the actress is not acting anymore!

Q: What happened to the actress?

A: Like most people she moved on to other things and as far as I can tell she is very successful. She worked with us from 2010 to 2015, that’s a good run.

Q: Did you ever try to get her back for more shoots?

A: Yes, twice. She politely declined, it was left on good terms.

Q: Why aren’t there more Athena videos?

A: It is regrettable that there aren’t more. Unfortunately as with most of the season 1 actresses, we simply weren’t shooting often enough at that time, maybe 15-20 videos a year, shared over as many actresses as we have now. Were Athena still available full time then she would be in 6-8 a year for sure, it is just how the cookie crumbles.

Q: So to be clear, there is ZERO chance of her returning?

A: Look, she has moved on. Of course if someone paid a very large sum I would take it to her, but it would need to be huge. And before anyone gets critical about my hedging for someone else to fund it, well you are darn right. It’s the only way it could happen and even then it would be highly unlikely. Believe you me I would love some Oil Baron, or Prince, or Hedge Fund Manager to offer me crazy money to get different actresses back. I’d love to work with most of them again, but I can’t afford to make the kinds of offers to bring them back and maintain the current output, and risk everything we’ve built. That’s just how it is. Good day.


  • Thanks for the clarity on Athena. I seem to recall you answering this before as well, but I’ll be buggered if I can remember where either. If I ever win the lottery you will be one of the first to know, because I’d be throwing money at you for customs with over half your line-up and a few that are no longer regulars. You guys do an amazing job finding talent and getting them up to speed quickly, and as sad as I always am when one of my favorites leaves your line-up, I’m always pretty sure that before long you will have a new star(shot) or two that will greatly help to ease the passing. Keep up the amazing work guys!

    • Yes, sadly people leave us regularly. Some might come back, others are gone for good. I’m pleased with our current line up but will always be looking for new people.

  • Very grateful for a thoroughly detailed explanation. I’m surprised to see it, as I’d think it rude for someone to pressure the creators of this series to explain the situation beyond “it is what it is”… Obviously, we all want more of this and that but we should all be grateful for the videos we do get. NGC is top of the line entertainment, story and actresses, video quality and whatever else I’m forgetting. Point is, enjoy what is being offered and don’t take it for granted!

    • I think it is fine to give a reference for those interested after this amount of time. Those people coming to the story fresh are unlikely to read this before seeing the videos.

  • Thanks for the info! Moving on is normal, i´m actually quite surprised you have managed to mantain a quite stable cast this last few years, seems you are doing a good job or else they wouldn´t come back!

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