Bluebird’s New Costume

Bluebird has picked up some new threads now that she’s a full operative (albeit an unofficial and hunted one). We will be revealing just how she looks each day for the next 3, so keep checking back!


    • Next Global Crisis says:

      LOL! It was just a nearby prop she started posing with. If she did use a guitar as a weapon then it would need to be smaller than that one!

  • I love it!!! Just wish the tights were more tanner to create a better contrast, but this is loads better than the original. Much more sexier! Thanks for listening to fan input. I wish more producers were as cool as you guys.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Well there is always a debate about costume designs. I can’t say if people will like this more than the other one (the original IS in this video), but in my opinion as a costume on it’s own it works. In the film after this one ‘Shadowstar’ wears different tights to these, so no doubt people will express an opinion on whether they like those more. The tights Bluebird is wearing in this photo were ruined in the fight.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Hi, the tights are shiny and flesh coloured not white. I think it must be the light giving that effect.

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