Cain’s Checklist: Captain Liberty – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website…. Cain Evervale is looking for allies, but will accept enemies in his quest to crush all synthetic-powered beings and infrastructure. He offers Captain Liberty the chance to join him, but she refuses to believe synthetic power is a true threat to naturally-endowed superheroines. Cain decides to show her the painful truth, and does so with relish.


  • Incredible!
    It seems that Captain Liberty is determined to keep hold of her MVP title, because her performance was outstanding (it always is). Both action and line delivery were top-notch. As is the way she gets more and more exhausted and beaten as the video progresses.
    Cain is another great addition to the villains roster. He has the same feel of brutality and danger as Sebastian Luner (although he seems a bit more stable 😉 ). A team-up with Arantxa against some poor heroine would seem fitting.

    Anyone reading this who isn’t already a member should definitely sign-up before Sunday in order to get the huge and awesome photo set (wow! she really looks extra radiant here) and the excellent Miss Freedom members gift. You won’t regret it 🙂

  • Another new villain on the scene! Recent casting efforts have produced a bunch of great villain performers we’re still meeting (Vicious Vicky, Midnight & Darius Dread, Timeless, Sin/Chaotica & Danarchy, and any others that may have slipped my mind) in addition to the new heroines who have appeared this year.
    The fight has a good deal of drama. There’s an initial “sizing each other up” phase, then the eye lasers come out and things get serious. Captain Liberty has been among the more successful heroines in the recent past, but after an initial good showing she’s clearly outmatched in this fight and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also loved her yellow nails (matching her earrings!)
    This is an interesting scenario, so much so that I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t appear to be part of the ongoing story. Any mention of Sebastian Luner piques my interest, and the discussion between the Captain and Evervale is intriguing. Apart from their positions on the issue, it’s really interesting to think about all that’s been happening in “artificial” abilities in NGC. There have clearly been developments in the pharmaceutical approach, Alias proves that Equilibrium has mastered the duplication of powers that began back in Season 4, and Ignus Labs is developing synthetics that can mimic the powers of their models, but who knows what the long-term effects of these treatments and inventions are?
    Absolutely stunning photoset as well. I think the larger photosets are affording the heroines opportunities to show more personality and that’s terrific.

    • I wonder sometimes if things we see or learn about in the Missions are relevant in the main story as well. Shining Spirit and Lady X still haven’t appeared in a story episode, but the bios of those characters (and Sin) restate things we heard in their mission videos, so I figure those things are canon. What about, for instance, Ignus Labs? They’ve appeared in a few missions, but not in the story yet, so I wonder whether they’re “real,” so to speak. I mean, if they eventually factor in the story then they’re in canon and if they don’t they’re not, but I can’t help being curious.
      Anyway, maybe we’ll eventually see more of Cain Evervale and his crusade against synthetic Supers (other than himself) in the story, even if this specific encounter with Cap Liberty never took place. There’s already a lot going on in the story, but I hope a bit of this thread can be woven into it.

      • I get what you mean, but if it isn’t an actual story video, then it is definitely non-canon. Maybe Cain will appear in a future story and be anti-synth, but that doesn’t mean he had an encounter with Captain Liberty in the story.

        The way I’ve always viewed it, is that if these videos were all comic book editions, then the main story is ‘The Avengers’ or ‘The Justice League’, whereas a non-canon video like this weekend would be ‘Wonder Woman #15’ or whatever. If Wonder Woman defeats someone for the Justice League, she could then face them again in her own comic and have no recollection of ever meeting them before. That’s kind of how it works. Otherwise the non-canon stuff becomes either a fight for no real reason (which sometimes I’m okay with, but not always), or the main story becomes far too convoluted.

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