Cain’s Checklist: Patriot-Girl – First Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… Cain Evervale attempts to get another heroine on his side. This time, he calls out a Guardian Angel with natural power; Patriot-Girl. The heroine is unimpressed by the idea that any ‘synth’ could cause her a problem, Cain aims to show her the truth about that!


  • Awesome! I loved Cain’s previous entry on his checklist. Looking forward to seeing how Patriot-Girl responds, with a delightful arrogance 😀

    That top picture of her in profile… wow! What a gorgeous and iconic shot of her

    • Yes, that wasn’t a shot we were going to do. You’ll see the context of it in the video, and it wasn’t ‘needed’ in a sense, but I remember seeing her standing in that light and thinking, “we’ve got to shoot that”. Good spot.

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