Cain’s Checklist: Patriot-Girl – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday on this website… Cain is back to either crush a superheroine who won’t join him, or brutally convince them of the danger of synths. Being a synth himself, he sees the danger but Patriot-Girl is confident whatever these creatures are, they could never match her power. Will she learn the hard way? Or the very hard way?


  • The Cain’s Checklist series is only two videos so far, but it’s shaping up to be a showcase for hard hitting slugfests much like the Pure series used to be. I’d say it’s one-up on Pure videos, because “Cain Evervale” is an interesting character, an ideologue who’s confronting the heroines with questions about the role of super abilities and of themselves in the world. I love the laser eyes effect as well.
    The real draw of this video is another standout performance from Patriot-Girl, who’s quickly become a top talent in my opinion. Her character is a real trip, and well-performed. Despite the obvious echoes of Miss Freedom, Patriot-Girl has a different vibe, I think, and I’m invested in her story as a member of the Guardian Angels. I’m especially fond of her ability to compartmentalize information that’s not to her liking. That’s her most impressive power, IMO.
    This may not be a story video, but we certainly hear a lot of useful info in this one. Patriot-Girl reveals her take on Equilibrium, super powered beings, and Alias’s intelligence. Meanwhile, she seems quite taken with Killscape, calling him a genius, and even has faith in the existence of Lockdown City! If she ever wants to try out some Lockdown fashions, as modeled by its most famous captive residents, I would be all for it. Cain also makes a thought-provoking claim in the closing minute of the video about the main story’s A plot.
    The photoset has some of the best action shots I’ve seen in quite a while. And I can’t fail to mention the members’ gift! Very apropos to offer a sample of the OG skirted blonde in blue and red alongside this week’s video. Lots of BTS clips.

  • Awesome video! I’d have to say this is my favourite Patriot-Girl outing yet, and they’ve all been good.
    An amazing performance from Patriot-Girl. I’ve always enjoyed her delightful arrogance, and that’s on display in the early part of the video, but she also shows another, more serious side during the rest of the video, and it was nice to see her fleshed out more.
    Just like in the previous Cain’s Checklist video, with Captain Liberty, the action was outstanding. Fast-paced and brutal. Patriot-Girl was clearly in throuble throughout, and really sold the beating well, but she also showed a great defiance in the face of her enemy (similar to Captain America’s “I can do this all day.” )
    Cain is shaping up to be a great villain, mixing his brutality with a more thought-provoking side. I look forward to more from him and his checklist. Seems like Alias might be a good call (and she does look good in photos 😀 ) since she was very much in discussion.

    And definitely looking forward to more from Patriot-Girl. The actress is really getting her teeth into the character, and making her her own.
    And an awesome photo set, not to be missed.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    I’m going about to do something I haven’t done in three years: Write an actual review for an NGC video because this performance by Patriot Girl deserves it. She was nothing short of amazing in this one. I hate throwing around variations of the phrase “best performance ever” because that’s lost all meaning at this point but damn isn’t this the best performance in 2023 thus far. And I say that was as someone who wanted to remain firmly in the Alias camp.

    Patriot Girl’s expression during the beatdown session were some of the best I have seen. Her vocals were amazing with her body language and cues being spot on. Just throughout it all Patriot Girl looked not like a super powered heroine but a weak, pathetic woman out of her depths in this fight. It’s hard to describe but it’s not just having the right expression when taking a hit. It was also her expression when she was between hits. Like she’s rocked and can barely continue on. Like touching her cheek when slapped, staggering backwards when hit or doubling over when hit in the stomach. I don’t want to say she was perfect but I found no flaws in her game here.

    Honestly, her performance was so good that the second time I watched it, I got frustrated because she didn’t remotely give this level of performance in her last outings. I wasn’t even going to buy this video at first as I had already written her off completely and was never going to buy a video of her again. Glad I dodged that bullet there.

    With regards to the fight, Patriot Girl got whopped from start to finish. This isn’t billed as a one sided beat down but that’s exactly how this played out. One of the best I’ve watched in a while. Sure she offers some resistance but it’s brushed aside for a pummeling that continues on and on. And what really makes it work is that Patrior Girl, powerful and super cocky heroine that she is, gets destroyed by an average albeit synthetic (I don’t know. I don’t follow the NGC story anymore) man. It’s the classic power reversal scenario that’s my favorite kind of setting. The humbling (and was she ever humbled) of Patriot Girl by this internalized fact adds twice the enjoyment to it.

    For me, this video is great bordering on perfect. I only have two automatic buys from NGC: Alias and Majesty. Patriot Girl though made a great argument for becoming my third and if she can continue to perform like this, she’ll be my unequivocal favorite all together.

    • I’m pleased that you enjoyed it so much, I agree with you that she did a wonderful job with the whole thing.
      I found it interesting that you made the point that you were less pleased with earlier videos but this one was much better. I’d like to say that I hope this is the general trend. I think that sometimes when I introduce a new character they can be written off if their first performance isn’t all there, but I’d like anyone reading this comment to recognise that no matter how long they’ve been acting, they will never have had a job like this. You now have to be a superheroine, you are going to be fighting all day, this is how you have to react to things, and it is often totally counter to the way you were trained at drama school, and how you’ve been asked to do everything since. And you only met the people telling you to do this for 15 minutes, 2 months ago in an audition.
      It is honestly too much for some. Far easier to go back to what they know and what is usually expected of them. For those that stay, we will improve them, while still making their earliest films good enough to buy. If the process is followed, you get performances like this.

      • That’s a good explanation, Andrew. Your cast certainly put in a lot of hard work (I definitely couldn’t do what they do), and the end result keeps me coming back week after week.

        I agree with a lot of what DarkWrath016 said in praise of the video and Patriot-Girl, with the exception being that I was already fully sold on Patriot-Girl back in her first Championship match. But I’d agree she’s definitely raised the bar further with her performance in this video.

        I was wondering… I don’t know how long one video takes to shoot, but were both parts of Cain’s Checklist, as well as Operation Strikeback, and Malicia’s Revenge shot in the same session? What with the same location, and a lot of the same cast. If so, wow! They’re troopers

  • Patriot-Girl mentioned that she is one of the most powerful superheroines. This might be hinting at a future meeting with Nemesis 🙂

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