Captain Infinity & The Submissive – 86 Photo Set

To accompany the main video release this week, we have a rather splendid 86 Photo Set of Captain Infinity taking on ‘The Submissive’ (Dominator’s heroine alter ego). This is almost entirely fight shots with a handful of Dominator in her usual costume. You’ll really like it, but if you want it, you’ve got to be a Member and sign up basically right now as this is out TOMORROW with the Member email, and if you miss it then you miss it for years. That is actually true. Luckily, becoming a Member is FREE, and the only possible downside is receiving 6 fantastic emails a month, not too bad.


  • I like the idea of villains in the heroines outfits kind of like a cross over in a way . . .

    Just curious what the corona virus situations is like where you film really kind of interesting to see some kind of 3-4 way battle off again
    I would be thinking along the way that freedom for the winner from captivity would be the prize

    Also know that availability is another issue

    What does everyone else think about this scenario?

  • I must say I like the idea of ​​a fake heroine. And wow… Dominator looks unbelievably sexy in that outfit. Impossible not to like this tight skirt that can’t hide properly her body. Can we expect more villains getting the same treatment in the future?

    • Yeah, she looks amazing 🙂
      I also love the idea of villains done up like heroines. In fact, a while back I suggested it as a fun idea for some photo-sets, so seeing in a video was great.
      Malicia dressed as Starshot is one that I would particularly love to see.

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