Captain Infinity & The Submissive – Final Previews

OUT already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Captain Liberty and The Dominator get caught in the Masked Man’s trap and have to fight each other for freedom. This involves all kinds of weapons for the enjoyment of the villain as heroine and villainess tear strips off one another. One of them will end up his prisoner for sale, if she gets tied up by the other. The victor gets a chance to run.


  • Awesome video!
    Once again, the Captain knocks it out of the park. She always gives an amazing performance. The action was incredible. I loved the idea of the combatants having to tie each other up to win. It made for quite a different action sequence, and lead to lots of fun moments.
    I’ve said many times how I’m not into de-booting, but here it didn’t spoil my enjoyment at all. It was a long video, and there was plenty of booted-action for me to enjoy. And I did like that Dominator used the boot as a club to beat the Captain with.

    Dominator (or rather “Submissive” 😆 ) also gave an amazing performance. It was awesome to see her dressed in familiar heroine guise, and face some peril herself. And there were lots of fun Dominator touches. I loved her playing with unconscious Captain… particularly the dancing 😆 Classic!

    All in all, an amazing video, and a wonderful accompanying photo-set, and more proof of why Captain Liberty is still my joint favourite 🙂

  • I liked the idea of the Prisoner’s dilemma, where if they work together, they have a better chance at succeeding, but if they work alone, at least one of them is doomed. Lots of great knockouts (dart, gas,chloro) and the restraints were great too ! 🙂

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