Captain Liberty in The Danger Room – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this site for everyone else… Captain Liberty is going to regret trying to entrap Dr Progress, for he has teamed with Ex-Mayor Killscape and the Villain Network to teach her a painful lesson in her very own DANGER ROOM! Can she escape?


  • Sensational!!!!
    One of my all-time favourite heroines, plus one of the most entertaining, scenery-chewing baddies, a whole bunch of fun set pieces, a transformation from civilian to heroine, and not just one, but three different kinds of restraint. All in one video!
    Now that’s what I call a recipe for a fantastic video. And it certainly was 😀
    And an absolute gorgeous photo-set too

  • The Danger Rooms have become my favorite kind of release, and the Captain Liberty version is an excellent addition to an already fabulous group of videos!

  • When the teaser for this dropped a few weeks ago I wrote that any Captain Liberty video had “all time great” potential, and this one lives up to that! It’s got multiple knockouts, several tie-ups, a variety of intense tortures, lots of struggling and fainting, plus two (!) chloroform scenes, a bit of fighting, and a transformation from civilian clothes. It’s great to see an antagonist in the Danger Room, especially the deviant Dr. Progress, it adds to the proceedings.
    Captain Liberty is worth her weight in gold. She’s just spectacular all around. Further proof can be found in the photoset–gorgeous shots with a lot of variety, including a few pictures of her sporting a brilliant smile.
    Not many members’ gifts would merit even a mention next to this video, but the outtakes from Celestia’s 7th Hell adventure qualify. I’m impressed with the longish takes in this one, showing off the careful choreography of these fights (and the skill of the performers.)

  • Other than the peril elements listed in the comments above, there’s also the electro-prod attack 🙂 Captain Liberty, Dr Progress and the ex-Mayor were all great in this one. If you like undercover and lots of peril elements, this is a great buy ! 🙂

  • The sexiness of the Captain her her civilian attire makes me wonder if we’ll ever a get a “De-Transform” episode where the ladies begin in their super suits and are either forced back into their everyday wear or caught in it unexpectedly! This looks great btw

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