Captain Liberty v Cain – 266 Photo Set

Another massive photo set for Members this weekend… 266 Photos of Captain Liberty posing and fighting Cain to accompany the main video. We’ve really gone big on these in recent weeks and if you continue to support them, we’ll try and keep doing it. Remember, no one outside of Members is likely to see this set again for YEARS. That is no exaggeration. Heritage sets for Photo Set Tuesday’s are typically 7-8 years old, and since we’re producing more photo sets now, that gap will likely widen. If you like the look of this set, and you are a Member, you either get it this weekend, or wait until 2030 at the earliest when it will cost 100 bucks due to inflation! Don’t risk it, open Friday’s email and support!


  • 266!!! Oh yes! You KNOW I’m there for it!

    For me, my “Holy Grail” heritage set would be something with Hotshot. She’s the only character I don’t have any sets of, and I know there won’t be much at all to go at…. though she’s probably more recent then you’re doing at the moment
    (Same goes for members gift videos… hint hint 😉 I know Hotshot / Malicia has already been done, before my time, but no Hotshot / Starshot outtakes yet… )

  • In a world filled with uncertainty and confusion, one thing that is clear and beyond doubt is that I’m getting this photoset.

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