Member Gift: The Trial UNSEEN

For any members who buy ‘Forever Enemies’ starring Miss Freedom this weekend, they will also get over 3 minutes of UNSEEN takes from Season 4 Episode 1: The Trial… The time Celestia went up against The Dominator. So really cool alternate angles in this that were good enough to use but didn’t make the cut. […]

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Member Gift: AC#1 – Costume & Boobs

Any early-birds who purchase a copy of ‘Who Are You?’ this weekend at – will also get over 3 minutes of UNSEEN footage from the original Action Cosplay video. This footage is centred around putting the Supergirl costume on, getting dizzy from the dimensional shift it causes, and then some more unseen footage of […]

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Members: Miss Freedom 93 Photos

Members get access this Friday to the accompanying photo set for ‘Target Practice’ starring Miss Freedom as she takes on Sister Fate. 93 High Quality delightful posed shots of Miss Freedom engaging with the camera and then engaging with Sister Fate! Posed & Action! If you want this set you need to sign up to […]

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Member Gift: Erica v Lady Victory UNSEEN

This week our early-bird buyers of ‘Target Practice’ will get a special video of unseen footage from Lady Victory v Erica. This was a classic heroine v heroine battle that was very close in the voting. If you are a fan of either of them you’ll enjoy this. Over 2 minutes of new footage. Remember […]

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Member Gift: Athena Season 1

This weekend’s member gift to go with your purchase of ‘The Iron Curtain’ starring Candy Race is almost 2 minutes of unseen footage from Training Room 15, the one where Athena took on Sebastian Luner! For the first time she wore the gold suit and boy did it sparkle. No Athena fan will want to […]

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