Member Gift: Miracle Maiden

To go with the astonishing ‘Tough Justice II’ this weekend, members will also get access to a special Miracle Maiden video with unseen footage of her taking on the ‘Amazon Smasher’. Fans of Miracle Maiden/Lady Victory won’t be disappointed! Remember, members only get 48 hours from release on Friday to get this video as part […]

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Member Gift – Silver Diva

To go with ‘Freedom Costs’ this weekend, we are also including unseen takes of Diva in her amazing Silver catsuit from Kandy Crisis #8. Some lovely takes in this video that we couldn’t include due to insanely heavy rain for half an hour banging on the roof of the building we were in and wrecking […]

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Member Gift: Bluebird v Pandora

This week’s Member Gift, to accompany the release of ‘A Game Of Two Halves’ starring Wonderstrike, is unseen Bluebird v Pandora from ‘Bluebird Must Obey’. This release included Bluebird spending some time in a Lady Victory costume, only to be rendered powerless and a chloroform rag doll. So well worth seeing. This unseen footage will […]

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Member Gift: Starshot

To accompany the release of ‘Brand New Power’ starring Miss Freedom this weekend, we are including a 2-minute video of unseen footage from Starshot v Alaric, remembering not just her wonderful performance but also to herald the return of one of NGC’s most brutal villains. To get this special video you need to buy ‘Brand […]

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Member Gifts: Virtue v Qaran

To go with Deceptress v Spectrum out this Friday at – We are providing 2 and a half minutes of out-takes from Virtue v Qaran Casus, to date our only mixed gender battle in the series. Lots of enjoyable footage but it will all be removed on Sunday night so make sure you hurry […]

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