CHAMP: Alias v Midnight – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – Alias is brought back to the Championship ring to take on Midnight. Her starting form is that of Sonica, and proves quite useful initially. However, once the Announcer interferes, things go badly downhill for Alias!


  • Not only Sonica, but the Starshot suit too!! ooooh yes, awesome 😀

    Excited to see Alias and Midnight together again. That spinny-flippy back-breaker they did in “Heroine Showcase” has to be one of my favourite bits of fight choreography from 2022. Whoa! I had to re-watch that move several times.
    Looking forward to seeing what they do in the ring 🙂

  • My god not only she looks good and has shown she can act with every new release, now you give her more iconic customes to bring back?

    I say it this heroine has unlimited potential, you have so many years of fan favourites to bring back and she is the oerfect segway for it!

    Have you changed your mind about recasting old heroines that are no longer with us? Doesn’t need to be the same character, can always be a relative or a fan of hers. Dreamwaver has also proved you can re-use costumes and give them new life

    • I just don’t really want to. I like having characters attached to single actresses. It is a bit annoying when you write a good character and the actress leaves after a shoot or two, but, that’s just tough luck.

      • Understandable, at least we are seeing many costumes make a comeback so I’m more than happy with that! Suki Deluxe’s costume that Comet Girl used in her debut would be a welcomed return as well!

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