CHAMP: Dirty Moves – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – ‘Dirty Moves’ sees heroine v heroine action with a nasty twist. The Announcer doesn’t want to see these girls playing nice with one another, he wants action and a bit of nastiness, so he plays on the pride of their records, and pits them against one another. Then, gives the battle stipulation… Each time you do something dirty to your opponent, they will be frozen so you can follow up with a free hit! Surely neither heroine will use this stipulation though, or will they? Don’t forget, you can vote on your winner NOW at the Championship homepage. Polls close on Wednesday!


  • Dirty fights! Looks it is my holiday! I wish it would be fight with my favourites, like Erica… sigh…. but I need to be happy what Im getting now, and Im more than excited lol

  • So if you make the 1st dirty move you can continue to ummel your target. Y just hitting her with dirty blows I am just saying that because all the pictures semthat Celestial is taking a beating . . . I am ok with that she does sell the aspect very very well !

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