CHAMP: Dirty Moves – OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – ‘Dirty Moves’ sees two superheroines battling in Celestia and Wonderstrike, but they aren’t behaving like ladies. The wicked Announcer has given them an incentive to use dirty moves on one another – a free hit each time – neither expects the other to stoop so low, but things get out of hand! Get it now!


  • That was a whole lot of fun! 😆
    Amazing performances from both actresses. Great action. Loved all the banter and teasing. The “dirty moves” rule was a fun gimmick for a championship match.

    I guess the votes were against me this time 😉 … but I still enjoyed both endings

        • For Championship battles we will put a poll on the homepage of on the Monday before the release, we take it down on Wednesday so we have time to change the edit if the poll requires it.

          We only have polls for straight FvF fights because we don’t have men on the leader board.

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        You’re too modest, I think. I loved this one a lot, and yes putting these two characters/performers together was bound to turn out well. But the “gimmick” chosen for the match is ideal for their fight and the dialogue brings out the characters’ attributes in a way that makes it far more interesting, IMO. A lot of my very favorite Championship episodes, especially in the last few years, have been ones where the particulars of the bout heighten the drama between the characters like this.
        The outcome was the one I wanted, but both endings are extremely enjoyable.

  • My favorite part was the fake handshake trick that is used a lot in wrestling matches 🙂 Was this episode 68 or 69 as when I downloaded, it said 68 but the Miss Freedom one from before was also # 68. Thanks !

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