CHAMP: Majesty v Nemesis – Final Previews

Out on FRIDAY at Majesty takes over from her disgraced sister in the Championship, she’s very confident of victory against anyone, and demands the strongest opponent! Nemesis is called upon. Is she ready for a God?


  • Looking forward to seeing the new Majesty’s video debut.
    Personally, I really don’t like debooting…but there looks to be enough other good stuff going on here to make up for it

  • This girl looks to be well-cast as a Clarke sister. In some of these caps she’s easily mistaken for Majesty the First.

  • @mid218 – Honestly, I’m not a fan of it with leotards and pantyhose either.
    I just love boots too much to want to see them come off, at all.

  • I love the video shoots at this location because of all the motivational phrases all over the gym. Watching a superheroine getting crushed by a giant boot with a “follow your dreams!!” backdrop is pretty great honestly.

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