CHAMP: Patriot-Girl & Ubiquity v Lady Nemesis – 1st Previews

Patriot-Girl & Ubiquity both make their Championship bow, and fully expect to be fighting each other, BUT the Announcer has other plans, and introduces Lady Nemesis. Many consider her to be even more cruel than her dark spouse, but will she prove it in this handicap battle? Out on FRIDAY at!



    • Wooo, now I want to see this too, just to see who the real king, or queen, of the castle is.

      Masked Man can be the ref?

  • Great to see two of the new girls in action again.
    And nice to see Lady Nemesis again too. She broke in Alias for her debut, and now I’m sure she’ll also break in Patriot-Girl equally well for her debut.

  • I may be in a minority here but I’m getting a bit bored of the unbeatable Nemesis – the one sided fights are great once in a while but it would be nice to see the new characters establish themselves before they’re completely destroyed in the ring by an invincible foe! Hoping for some character moments in between the demolition here – I love Ubiquity and have been looking forward to Patriot Girl’s first appearance for a while now – just a shame that the first time we see her she’s going up against Nemesis!

    • I second that sentiment. I’m looking forward to a fresh new villain with some power beyond “being unbeatable”.

      Also, I gotta say I love the new generation of heroes. Top to bottom they’re all incredible additions to the roster.

    • Well I´m a fan of one sided beatdowns, or at least one sided matches that suddenly get turned on its head at the end by a clever trick, a final gambit or pure willpower, so in principle I don´t mind this at all.

      Having said that I understand that not having a rigid story planned forward (or this championship matches for example which are designed to be isolated one offs) just don´t have the need to see the heroines at least win or do well in these encounters since they are isolated events. As I said, Champ matches are isolated, I´m sure Andrew will find time to se the heroines score some more wins, it´s just that the story style has changed

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