CHAMP: Shining Spirit v ‘Vicious’ Vicky – 1st Previews

The Championship returns this FRIDAY with a double-debut as Shining Spirit makes her in-ring bow against ‘Vicious’ Vicky Vazquez! The Announcer has lined up the crazed Vicky to scare the heroine into submission, but will it be so easy? Find out on FRIDAY at


  • Awesome!
    Vicious Vicky looks like a tough-as-nails opponent.
    Of course, Shining Spirit is tough-as-nails too, so this looks like being a great match

  • Still thinking Shinning Spirit’s boots could use a glow up, either a brighter blue or go full Silver beauty like Spectrum!
    But anyways she looks like a winner!

      • Considering blue is your favourite color for superheroine costumes I imagine you are always in the market for some blue boots. I bet those insane heels usually come with cheap materials or fantasy looks for GoGo girls rather than something than can be actually worn by a superheroine! (Not to mention in action heavy shoots)

        • The issue is mostly the requirements on a video shoot day. The costumes need to be durable enough to give me 5 shoot days (some have done far better, which I’m grateful for) without needing to be fixed or replaced. Boots are more durable than the costumes, but realistically the only heel we can use is a GoGo heel because it has some stability, like Captain Liberty has for example. If I put the girls in 4-inch stiletto’s it might look great but very hard for them and it would restrict what we can shoot. I’m getting in some fun costume bits for future photo shoots because they’re not under the same stresses, most costumes you buy off ebay/amazon would fall apart an hour into a fight scene, which I’m sure some people like the sound of, but it would ruin our day!

          • Don’t remind me how Shadow Fox got her costume ripped in some action cosplay videos! Really loved that although understandably costume destruction is not something producers trying to tell a story may want to do. Even less so that you are making photosets with different actresses and costumes, some of them have been really cool.
            And I appreciate your constant search for quality costumes and answers here giving us some insights! I like the GoGo girls boots on some character but not all so I like you haven’t defaulted to just using that style!

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