CHAMP: Shining Spirit v Wonderstrike – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – The Guardian v Elite Force war continues in the ring as Shining Spirit takes on Wonderstrike and the Announcer is up to his usual mischief in order to make it hard for both of them! Vote for your winner right now HERE. The vote closes on Wednesday.


  • It seems to be be traditional for Wonderstrike to win any heroine match
    Which is why I’ll be voting the other way
    She’s already waaaaay too high up that leaderboard 😉

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      And I will be voting for Wonderstrike to continue her mean girl domination of NGC heroines (except for a surprise loss to Comet Girl.) I don’t see the vote option on the Championship website right now, though.

      • Yes I’m afraid the polls that we were using on wix have completely broken down, so I’ll be basing this one on comments across platforms and email over the next 48 hours. I could put a poll on here, but it reveals the results which would spoil it for buyers on Friday, and considering 3 times as many people vote as buy the videos typically, I don’t want that.

  • Wonderstrike Vs Shining Spirit?? Did i won the lotery? Is this my birthday and christmas?
    The only way for this to be total perfection would be if both Wonderstrike and Shining Spirit both took hundreds of punches to the face for 25 minutes nonstop. Why can’t that happen? Alas!

  • Wonderstrike Vs Shining Spirit…. for once i would chose a total draw. I love seeing both of these two girls lose badly at a fight, so my idea is if possible for them to both lose to one another. A mutual defeat, if you know what i mean.

  • Toby Flenderson says:

    Ooo this looks exciting. Wonderstrike for sure – her dominance over any other heroine is one of my favorite plot lines.

  • Tim Caine says:

    I vote for Wonderstrike.

    Nobody since Erica Lynn has sold beatdowns as well as Shining Spirit. Love to see WonderStrike pummel her.

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