CHAMP: Tag Chaos – Final Previews

OUT TOMORROW at – A team-up of the Sun Goddess and the mysterious Lady X, two absolute sweethearts, as they go against whatever the opposite of that is… Snare and The Announcer. With the Announcer taking part in the battle, the officiating will be even more dubious than usual, as double-teaming and the use of weapons (ropes) is rife. Can the heroines overcome all of these odds stacked against them? Find out TOMORROW!


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    The contrast between pictures 3 and pictures 4 is superb. You can sense the confidence oozing from Solaris in picture 3 only for her to be rendered helpless and pathetic in picture 4. I may not have liked her initially but bit by bit, Solaris is beginning to win me over.

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