CHAMP: Tooth & Nail – More Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – ‘Tooth & Nail’ sees Candy Race and Sister Fate engaging in a barefoot brawl. Both their powers are stripped and the winner must KO the loser for a 10 count. Now as ‘ordinary’ women, they must rely on natural fighting skill. Who wins? You voted, so let’s see on Friday!


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Candy without her skirt on looks pretty hot. Even hotter being beaten while in such a state of dress like what seems to be the case here. Curious as to why the skirt came off but I’m hoping/praying that it was Sister Fate who took it off. Makes for a rather humiliating act by the villainess.

  • Only two things i see wrong in this clips and photos from the next NGC Championship video; 1- Candy Race doesn’t have her hair lose and 2 – I know the fight will have an extreme poverty of face ounching because that’s how you do things, sadly for me. Sadly for me, because i love Candy Race and seeing her lose a fight, and i know i’ll not get my favorite type of defeat, defeat being a beating delivered with face punches by that magnificent of vaillaisn Sister Fate. A no-holds barred beatdown where Sister Fate would facepunch the living hell of Candy Race with her hair lose (like when she plays Marvelette) would make for the most perfect awesome NGC video ever, Alas!

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      I do face punching, just clearly not as much as you would like. If you want those things to the maximum then please order a custom and I can accommodate.

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